Apps Review - InstantRecall Contact Notes

Youth Apps Review - InstantRecall Contact Notes - Enhance Your Most Important Relationships

A powerful note-taking app that helps you “Remember Everything about People”

In our daily life we meet 1000+ people and its really difficult to remember everything about everyone and traditionally we used to save the contact name with some hint, however with smartphone and true caller it made easy with photos and social profile linking, still there are many contact which is not linked or you wanted to add personal touch with the conversation and that’s where Instant Recall helps. InstantRecall is the easiest way to remember personal information about the people you value. InstantRecall acts like a ‘memory enhancer’ so that you can remember the details of previous conversations. InstantRecall has been installed by 1000+ people and has an average rating of 4.2 in Google Play Store.
InstantRecall apps is free, however to use the full functionality you may need app-inn purchase.  InstantRecall apps size is 6.2MB and after installation it would occupy XXMB  of your device storage. 
InstantRecall apps can be installed on any Android device running version 4.1 and above.

Use it daily to create a perfect memory about clients, colleagues, friends and family. Personalize Your Relationships. Personalize Your Business. Focus on your relationships that matter. With InstantRecall, you can strengthen your relationships with colleagues, clients, friends and family.

Effortlessly Record. Instantly Recall. InstantRecall combines the power of your smartphone, smartwatch, and voice recognition so that you can effortlessly record and instantly recall the personal information about people you value

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