Apps Review - Kaizala - Chat | Act | Do

Youth Apps Review - Kaizala - Chat | Act | Do

Microsoft is on the roll on Android.  Microsoft Garage Project team has release quite few application this week and Kaizala is one of them.  Kaizala has been designed to run your business from an Android Smart Phone without computer. Kaizala is a workplace management app where you can setup a team communication with group and private chats, location requests for team members, and photo sharing, etc. Kaizala has been installed by 50+ users (at the time of this review) and has an average rating of 4.9 in Google Play Store

Kaizala is free and its app size is 6.45MB and after installation it would occupy 19.60MB of your device storage.  Kaizala can be installed on any android device running version 4.4 and above. As per Microsoft this apps can work even on 2G.

Kaizala has more advance features like bill submission, job assignment, availability requests and sharing, and more. Kaizala, a Microsoft Garage Project, helps you get your work done by tracking bills, jobs, location and much more - and, it's as simple as chat. Whether you are on the run, your work keeps you mobile or you work out of an office - stay on top of things that matter the most to you, your team and your business - manage your day-to-day business on chat.

With Kaizala, bring all your communication - within your team, with partners and customers - to one place

  • Track your resources (people, time, and money) - as simple as sending an 'action' in your chat
  • Organize your team as you want - in one chat or start a new chat for each project/team
  • Get work done by extracting value from your conversations

Kaizala is your go-to app to get things done and its Key Features are
  • No computer, laptop or server needed - just download the app
  • Easily organize your chat
  • Start group or private (1-1) chat
  • Work with people inside and outside of your business
  • Simple and Quick Actions
  • Share or Request location updates - keep track of where your team members are with one-tap location share
  • Share photo with location - Share current photo along with location information
  • Bill Submit - Capture and share bill photo along with other information to manage your bills on the move
  • Create & Assign Jobs - Assign and track status of Jobs
  • Capture Availability - Request and share availability on any future date
  • Share Attachments - Easily share images
  • Works on 2G

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