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Youth Apps - Fester - The magic starts with a 10 minute chat!

Festar is a new kind of dating app that matches you for a 10 minute real time chat with other online users who share the same interests as you. Meet new people anytime with Festar!

Festar has been installed by 1000+ user and has an average rating of 3.9 in Google Play Store.
 Festar Android Apps

Fester occupies 35.70MB of your device storage and can be installed on any android device running version 4.0.3 and above.

Get matched in real time with other users who share your hobbies and interests with Festar, the hot new dating chat app from Japan. No more playing games with profiles and selfies, get chatting right away to find your true match! Recommended for anyone who likes meeting new people they share hobbies with and anyone tired of looks based dating apps. The magic starts with a 10 minute chat! Now available in 13 countries for Android

Festar would be there when you want to talk to someone, when you're feeling lonely, when you want to meet someone new. Open Festar and there's always someone waiting for you! Chat for free every day!

It’s recommended for people, People who value meeting others that share common interests with, People who believe you don't know a person until you talk to them, People who like to talk with others when they feel lonely and People who are bored and want to have fun chatting with new people!

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