Freedom 251 - Cheapest Smart Phone - Planning to Refund the money

Update:  Freedom 251 team is planning to refund the collected money as per sources

Freedom 251 Opening has been poor due to lack of Infra support as the website crashed before the opening, many people wrote on the Facebook page of Ringing Bell to shown their dissatisfaction. 

There is no update on Ringing Bell Facebook page as well.

Ringing Bell should have been prepared for it as the price tag was catchy, the existing recharge plan or any accessories for the mobile/smart phone is more that the smartphone which will be on sale.

Make In India brand will take a hit as the companies here always come up with attractive tag line, however does not do the homework on the type of infra requirement to get it working. So, we can deliver thinks without any quality.

At Youth Apps, we appreciate the efforts but the planning and the execution could have been better which will be the trade mark of success and hope learn from mistakes and never repeat it.

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