Blacklisted Mobile Apps for Defence Personal - Indian Army

Indian Army cautions units, personnel against using smartphone apps and blacklist few mobile apps.

There are news on how Indian Defence Personnel has been trapped to download mobile apps which was created and distributed by developer who are believed to be associated with Pakistan Intelligence.  As per the CNN-IBN there has been notification which has issued to personals on downloading few application and their usage while on duty.

As per the information on the internet, Army has blacklisted WeChat, Smesh & Lime.  Army has already issued warning about using “True Caller” in 2014 when Truecaller database was hacked.

Source suggest, defence personnel who are located in tactical area are also requested to turn off  GPS (or) location settings on their smartphone.

Google Play has immediately removed Smesh app from the play store after the story broke out, however you will be able to download the APK from Third Party website like

Given below the mobile apps icon which are blacklisted for Indian Defense Personal.

Also, a snippet on how to look out for the GPS (or) Location Icon in the notification tray, so that you can turn it off manually.