NHP Swasth Bharat, A proactive health apps from Government of India.

NHP Swasth Bharat

NHP Swasth Bharat Mobile Application, a proactive way of handling health issues through Digital India.
The access to authenticate health information is the primary right of the citizen. Providing authentic Health information to the society is arguably one of the most important factors in improving health outcomes. Inadequate or poor health information can increase the risk of hospitalization or even disease burden.

NHP Mobile apps has been installed by 10,000+ users and has an average rating of 4.7 in Google Play Store.

NHP Mobile apps can be installed on any android device running version 4.0 and above and app size is 2.5MB.

MoHFW through its e governance initiatives is launching a mobile application “Swasth Bharat Mobile Application” to empower the citizens to find reliable and relevant health information. The application provides detailed information regarding healthy lifestyle, disease conditions (A-Z), symptoms, treatment options, first aid and public health alerts. 

Free download, NHP Swasth Bharat mobile apps