AppAll - A Cloud Solution to App Storage Issue


Apps installation is becoming a major problem due to storage limitation on everyone’s smartphone. The immediate action would be to search for a solution for low or less storage issue or deleting the existing apps for trying out the new apps. 

AppAll could be solution what we would have been waiting for, Say goodbye to running out of space on your phone or tablet. Download, store, and use as many apps as you want through AppAll

AppAll started from the idea that you should not be restricted to using certain apps and services based on the amount of space and compatibility of your mobile device. You have the right to use all application services available, and with AppAll, now you can. 

How AppAll does this? 

AppAll is an advanced technology company that has created a secure method for running mobile apps on remote servers near you.

When you install an app through AppAll, you are downloading that app on a remote server that is dedicated to YOU. This remote server hosts the app and streams it back to you whenever you wish to use it.

Our team has developed the technology in such a way that it is secure and personal. You can now use any mobile app, even if the app is incompatible with your phone/tablet.

Most importantly, our technology is constantly evolving to make your experience better.

AppAll is currently available in US and in public beta stage. If you are in US and you want to try out AppAll