Mosquito Repellent Apps - Collection

Mosquito Repellent Apps Collection

Today being the World Mosquito Day, Youth Apps give you an overview of the best Mosquito Apps.

World Mosquito Day - observed annually on 20 August, is a commemoration of British doctor Sir Ronald Ross's discovery in 1897 that female mosquitoes transmit malaria between humans. Ross is responsible for the annual observance, having declared shortly after his discovery that the day should be known as World Mosquito Day in the future.

Mosquito Apps uses different means to keep the mosquito apps through high frequency sound. As per mosquito apps, they are able to emit high frequency sounds (ultrasonic sounds) which should irritate all small insects and Mosquitos can mistake that sound as the sound of their enemies (e.g. dragonflies, bats) and this is how the apps keeps mosquito away from you.
Strong Anti Mosquito Prank
Mosquito repellent sound provided by using high frequency sound
Anti Mosquito Sound Prank Free Repel mosquitoes using our experimental prank tool!
Anti Mosquito Prank Free Anti mosquito bites prank and keep you entertained in his spare time.
Mosquito Repellent Free Get the Mosquitos off from you and your family with this app!
Anti Mosquito Prank Free Absolutely new anti mosquito app!
Mosquito KillerX Free The Mosquito KillerX will keep the hungry female mosquito away.
Mosquito Repellent Prank Free Have a good night sleep when your mobile's mosquito repellent is on. Play Prank.
Mosquito Attack Free Survive from massive mosquito attacks!
Mosquito Sounds Free Have fun by annoying your friends with the coolest mosquito sounds app.
anti mosquito prank Free Are you tired of mosquitoes? Then this app is exactly what will help you!
Anti Mosquito Repellent Prank Free the anti mosquito , mosquito Repellent,Anti Mosquito Killer sound, mosquito
Impulse - Signal Generator Free Easy to use audio signal generator that generates audio tones from 1 to 22000 Hz
Anti Mosquito Repelent Free The Anti Mosquito repellent application emit a unique high frequency sound.
Mosquito Repellent Prank Free Get rid of mosquitoes now!
Mosquito Free Alive mosquito in your phone
repel mosquito Free contain ultrasound from 15khz-22khz, can repel insect (ex: mosquito)
Mosquito Killer Free Kill all the mosquitos before they bite! It will not be easy, they are fast.
Ultimate Mosquito Smasher Free Addicting game!!!
Ultrasonic Sounds Free Free
Anti Mosquito Prank 1 Free

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