Music Apps & Indirect Sales

Using Music how Smartphone manufacturers, app creators & service provider making indirect revenue?

Music is one of the pleasant user experience of a Smartphone and this is evident in the way the music apps which is been built and published in Apps Store. 

Smartphone makers has also been creating or bringing different level of music experience by including top hardwares like Dolby Atmos and what not, but there is an interesting shift happening in Smartphone hardware where there is no headphone jack and FM Stations. Galaxy Edge 7 does not have a FM.

Smartphone manufacturers are driving users to two levels 

  • More Data or Internet based apps, which means you would need to install apps to listen to your favorite songs online or have a offline copy of your favorite songs stored, but then again there are Smartphones which does not have a memory slot. This again uses more data wherein you would need to save to cloud maybe Google Drive, Google Music, Dropbox and what not.

  • Secondly, the absence of headphone jack means you are forced to buy mobile accessories like a Bluetooth Headset or a Speaker, etc. Again the interesting part is that most of the Budget Smartphone makers have stopped providing Headset with the hardware. As consumers we are pushed to shellout more money in buying accessories.

Ok, given below the best music apps in Google Play Store. Youth Apps has not categorized these apps, but we picked what Google picked.

Saavn Music & Radio
Hungama Music - Songs & Videos
Music Player
Top Music Player
FM Radio India All Stations
Gaana: Bollywood & Hindi Songs
Old Hindi Songs
Wynk Music: MP3 & Hindi songs
Tamil Songs
Equalizer music player booster

Install the best music apps from here