Skill Chat- Solve Problems Together

Skill Chat – Incubator Apps as of today.

Skillchat is an online mobile group chat, skill chat and interactive problem-solving service that enables its users to join skill groups, get immediate help, help others and develop skills, and save/share chats. A user can also create a group and invite friends/colleagues for interaction and problem solving. Skillchat groups are admin-less (members administered) and Unrestricted (No member limits).

Startup Founders will also able to display their startup brand (label+link) in all of their chat messages. This will enable founders to make their startups visible and get valuable early feedback.

Solve Problems Together

  • What can you do with Skillchat?
  • Join Chat Groups
  • Get Immediate Help
  • Help Others
  • Develop Skills
  • Get Matched to Jobs

Want priority access? Sign up via this link. The more people you refer, the earlier you get access.