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Top Free File Transfer apps for Android

 Top free file transfer apps

Having trouble finding the right apps to transfer files from PC to your Android Phone or Android Phone to PC, give below are reliable and top trending apps for transferring the files from Android Phones to your desktop, laptop or PC. 

Android Apps Free Android Apps Description
File Transfer,Sharing
Free #1 File
Transfer Tool! Offline Transfer! Amazing Speed! Cross-Platform!
Zapya - File
Transfer, Sharing
Free Zapya:
The fastest cross-platform file transfer tool.
Xender: File
Transfer, Sharing
Free Transfer
files between any device without using internet at Wi-Fi speed.
Bluetooth File
Free Share
Photos,Videos,Music,Apps with your Friends and Family over Bluetooth.
Share Link –
File Transfer
Free File
transfer done effortlessly via wireless connections
Send Anywhere
(File Transfer)
Free Direct
file sharing across all platforms/devices
WiFi File Share
Free Share
with WiFi. Transfer Android files and media across devices wirelessly.
SuperBeam |
WiFi Direct Share
Free Super-charged
and hassle-free file sharing using WiFi direct and NFC/QR pairing
4 Share Apps -
File Transfer
Free Share
files with friends by 1-Click.
WiFi File
Transfer - FTP
Free WiFi
File Transfer provides connectivity of mobile device with PC through
ES File
Explorer File Manager
Free Featured
File manager & App Analyzer which can explore the phones &
Share files Free With
Share files app is easy to select and transfer files through
CM Transfer -
Share files
Free Fastest
file transfer app for mobile. Send photos, videos, music & apps
File anywhere)
Free Send
or receive music, photos, videos, apps and games with the network of
Fast File
Free Fast,
offline file exchange between literally any platforms.
ShareCloud -
Share By 1-Click
Free Share
files with your friends by 1-Click.
Free Share
apps, Apk, MP4 videos, MP3 music, images, files, light and simple
Bluetooth File
Free Bluetooth
File Transfer (OBEX FTP and OPP) for Android
WiFi File
Free Upload
and download files to/from your phone over a wireless connection.