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Zapmeta - metasearch engine

New Search engine in the town, ZapMeta is a metasearch engine, a search tool that provide users the ability of simultaneously search multiple search engines under one interface. Meta-search engines benefit users by saving them time and effort from having to individually visit multiple search engines in order to find the desired result. Along with web search, ZapMeta currently offer a directory based on data from The Open Directory Project and Product Search powered by Pricegrabber.

metasearch engine is a search tool that searches the databases of other search engines and/or directories. Unlike individual search engines and directories, meta-search engines do not maintain their own database of web pages; they do not collect, crawl, or index the web and they do not accept URL submissions. Instead, search queries are sent simultaneously to several search engines and/or directories.  

So how a meta-search engine works:

Upon receiving a query, the metasearch engine translates the syntax and sends it simultaneously to a set of multiple search engines and/or directories. All results gathered from the varied sources are then collated to remove duplicates and ranked according to its algorithm. Finally, an organized and sorted list of web pages is presented to the user. There are many other details, but a thorough explanation of how a meta-search engine works is beyond the scope of this page.

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meta-search engines as an alternate source for information for the following reasons:

  • Use a meta-search engine when you are not having any luck pulling up results from your favorite search engine.
  • A meta-search engine can be particularly beneficial when you are in a hurry and do not have the time to visit several search engines to obtain results.
  • At times when you are not sure of what to search for, meta-search engines can be a useful tool for obtaining an overview of a specific keyword and/or subject.
  • Meta-search engines are highly adept at researching narrow or obscure topics. Since results are gathered from the index of several search engines, a metasearch engine is likely to yield more results for an obscure topic than a single search engine.

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