digibank by DBS - A revolutionary new way to bank.

#UnbankIt - Join the digibank revolution! digibank

digibank makes banking hassle-free and life a whole lot easier. India’s first ever bank that lets you open an account without any paperwork or signatures. Only your Aadhaar no. and biometric is required for authentication.  As per digibank you will get answers to all your banking queries in an instant with the 24x7 virtual assistant that uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.
digibank wants us to start with an e-wallet, and convert to a full bank account at any time an interesting concept.  digibank apps has been installed by 100,000+ people and has an average rating of 3.7 in Google Play Store.
digibank app size 22MB and can be installed on any android device running version 4.1 and above.  Users can open an account without any paperwork or signatures and only with your Aadhaar no. and biometric is required for authentication for getting a new account. 
As per digibank "digibank, powered by DBS, is an entire bank squeezed to fit into your smartphone. Our objective? Changing banking the way you know it. Not only does it let you deposit, withdraw and transfer money with lightning speed, it also lets you set goals and draw out a plan to achieve them. It’s a bank with your interest in mind.
So save your time, energy and money with digibank and go about doing what matters most. Live more, bank less." 

Few features of digibank which users would be interested

  • 7% interest, zero ATM charges & 24x7 virtual assistance, only with digibank.
  • Trusted, hassle free & rewarding, say hello to a new way of banking with digibank that helps you live more, bank less.

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