LYF Device Care Apps

LYF Device Care Apps

LYF Device care is the app to troubleshoot your LYF Smartphone.  LYF Device care app help you to troubleshoot your phone problems on Hardware’s and will be able get support online and also much more.

LYF Device care app is still not released for public, however available in play store. LYF Device car app has been installed by 500+ people mostly for testing and other purpose.

LYF Device care app can be installed on any LYF android phone running version 2.3 and above.

An intelligent on-device diagnostics and automated correction tool to address most commonly faced device issues.

  • The application diagnoses the device and sends diagnostics data to the application server.
  • The application displays a list of successful and failed services
  • The application fixes services that can be altered automatically
  • The application presents quick links to the designated location of the resolution for services that require manual settings by the user.
  • Hardware tests can be performed on the device.
  • A user can also use the application for the following actions:
  • View textual use recommendations and directives.
  • Send device diagnostics to the system’s servers.
  • Request a support representative’s help.
  • Request a support representative’s help via an interactive problem description questionnaire
  • Run connectivity test.
  • Operate shortcuts to reach specific on-device services.
  • Drive single-click backup and restore procedures.
  • View the device information.

Free download LYF Device care apps to fix all your LYF Smartphone issues