JioMediaShare Apps

JioMediaShare (Unreleased) Apps

JIO Media Share gives you an easy way to share your media content— photos, music, videos, and documents—with friends and family. You can share personal videos, pictures and more with your own electronics device to the other devices which are connected to the same network. JIO Media Share is one of the promising technologies by connecting and bringing all devices and users closer to each other to maximize the portability of content and provide the flexibility to be spontaneous.

Every home connected to the JIO network will at least have a Home Gateway & optional additional devices such as STB, HDMI Dongle, Audio Dongle, etc. These devices, together with the consumption and other network devices in the home (NAS, speakers, printer, external HDD, etc.), can be interconnected for the purpose of digital media streaming, content transfer, etc. for a seamless multi-screen experience within the home. Using Jio to improve & simplify existing media sharing behavior can serve to enhance the value of the Jio offering itself. 
  • Solution for digital media streaming and content sharing seamlessly across all connected home devices
  • App based solution with support for all operating systems and smart devices
  • Cloud based platform for remote access of content from outside the home

JioMediaShare (Unreleased) app size will vary on different device, however it can be installed on any Android device running version 4.0 and up.

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