My Airtel vs My Jio Apps Comparison

My Airtel vs My Jio Apps Comparison

There has been plenty of comparison happening between leading telco provider Airtel and Jio and the competition has been really aggressive.  There has been instance wherein the fight has pretty open about the bandwidth allocation for Jio users.  As all these happening, we are looking at how users are acting on the digital space.  We provide below the comparison on their official apps for Android.

As per the latest number from Google Play Store, there is no major difference seen on the number of installs, however there is a .1 difference in the Average rating of the apps.  My Airtel app has an average rating of 4.2, however My Jio app has 4.3 as average rating.

Also My Jio app have got more user base as the My Jio app can be installed on any android device running version 4.0.3 and above, however  with My Airtel only android users who have version 4.1 and above can installed and use it.

In terms of user reviews again, My Jio app has been reviewed by 552700 Users and 380408 users have rated 5 stars and while comparing with My Airtel app has been reviewed by 507030 Users and 306245 users have rated 5 stars.

So there is no clear winner, however considering the time frame and parameters like Average Rating and Supported version My Jio app has a slighter edge than My Airtel app.  There is also a catch in My Jio app is a mandatory install to get the My Jio connection and hence they would have a lead on the app war.