Successful days without Rs.500 & Rs.1000, but with Smartphone & Apps

How to handle the Cash Crunch Situation in India today?

As people are standing in long queue in front of the Bank & ATMs, we look a practical way of running a day only with your Smartphone and Apps. For the below to be practical you would need to have a valid bank account with internet banking or a debit card/credit card with internet password.  Also, you would need to have cash in your account, if you need a loan then first try these apps

Apps to get loans -Youth Apps

You should have a smartphone (Find the right and Latest Smartphone) which has access to internet and also has a 2G/3G or 4G data connection. Considering you have a data connection and you have the Internet access to your banking account, how to approach your daily routine on the days where you have the legal tender of Rs.100, Rs.50, Rs.20 & Rs.10.

So, let’s imagine I don’t have any legal tender which is not practical and need to spend a weekend but have money in my bank account.

Get your mobile recharged using the below apps 

 Recharge & Pay Your Bill Apps- YouthApps

Shop for your Grocery using the below apps, 

 Grocery Apps - YouthApps

If you are not in mood to cook today and need to get something to eat, try the below apps to get your favorite food delivered at home.

 Food Delivery Apps - Youth Apps

Planning to spend your evening out and don’t have money to pay your Autowalas, don’t worry use these apps to move around

 Ride Sharing & Booking Apps - Youth Apps

Want to get into a movie hall to kill some more time, use these apps to book movie tickets and kill your time. 

 Ticket Booking Apps - Youth Apps

How about preparing for a Weekday on these cash crunch days, Lets plan it

Try these Laundry apps to get your wardrobe cleaned and to be ready to move on Monday, 

 Laundry Apps - Youth Apps

Want to maintain your house and don’t have legal tender to pay your maid, there is also apps for it.  Use these apps to get a maid and get your house as clean. 

 maid service app - YouthApps

Looking for a Meat and Fish to be delivered at your Home, try to below apps

 Meat and fish home delivery apps - youthapps

Ah, need to get some medicine and needs to home delivered, look at these apps

 medicine ordering app - youthapps

Again this is possible only if these company service in your area and we complete understand the pain what people are going through these tough days, but as our PM said this is a unique opportunity to contribute to our country's development after the freedom struggle.  We are happy to take this pain, we complete understand there could be different view on the above thoughts as well and this article should be taken as a reference and nothing else.

Jai Hind