Crushh - Relationship Analyzer (Unreleased) Apps

Crushh - Relationship Analyzer (Unreleased) Apps

Does your crush like you back? How much do your friends and family love you? Crushh analyzes your text messages and lets you know exactly how much everyone you text (and call) likes you…secretly. The app will analyze texts already on your phone so there’s no need for additional steps to input data.

Imagine the app as your best friend who you hand your phone to for their honest, unbiased view of a text exchange. We give you that perspective, but based on data and algorithm that can decipher and interpret the words and patterns in the conversations. Simply download and install, and select the contact you want analyzed. Within seconds, you’ll get a score indicating how much that person likes you, along with measures of engagement and interest. You’ll even be able to see how that score has changed over time and pinpoint exact days when the relationship changes.

Although we collect the text messages and call data on your phone, your privacy is our highest concern. No one can read your texts (see our privacy policy and terms of service for more). The app is referral- and invite-only.

Crushh - Relationship Analyzer (Unreleased) has been installed between 100 - 500 times by users and has an average rating of Not reviewed yet in Google apps store.

Crushh - Relationship Analyzer (Unreleased) app has not been reviewed yet. Crushh - Relationship Analyzer (Unreleased) app size  Varies from device to device and can be installed on any Android device running version 4.1 and up.

Apps Name Crushh - Relationship Analyzer (Unreleased)
Apps Developed Crushh Entertainment
Current Version Unable to Fetch Information
Total Installs 100 - 500
Apps Size Varies from device to device
Android Supported Version 4.1 and up
Average Rating Not reviewed yet
Apps Last Updated On 24-Nov-16
Play Store Link
Reviewed on 23-Dec-16

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