How to find the Transaction ID for Lucky Grahak Yojana & Digi-धन Vyapar Yojana

Finding the winners for Lucky Grahak Yojana & Digi-धन Vyapar Yojana using Transaction ID

If you are using your Debit/Credit card or doing a online transaction there is a unique transaction ID which is generated and for selecting the lucky winners of Lucky Grahak Yojana & Digi-धन Vyapar Yojana the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) may be using this ID to selected the winners.

All the transaction ID is unique and hence its associated with a Saving or Current account, As per our information NPCI will be able to get your bank details along with your name, address, phone no, bank account, branch and all other using the KYC (Know Your Customer Form).

Once NPCI determine the winner, they may deposit the winning amount in your account, however we expect it will be paid after TDS (Tax Deduction at Source) and hence the actual value may be different than the winning amount.

Winners may be also be notified on their mobile number which is registered along with their Bank Account.

Image of Example Transaction bank slip

Lucky Grahak Yojana & Digi-धन Vyapar Yojana Winner FAQ?

Do I need to keep my Transaction ID Slip save?

We are not sure about this, however if NPCI use the above method then you dont need to have the swipe in slip safe.  If there is any dispute, then you may need to produce the swipe in slip to the designated authority.

If I use someone else card or bank account to do a purchase, will i be eligible?

First you are not suppose to use someone else's account to do any transaction and its considered to be illegal.  The person who's account was used will get the winning amount.

Where to find Transaction ID?

Refer your debit card or credit card swipe slip and check out the field called "TID" for Online Transaction find "Transaction ID"

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