Money, Quick Bugs Online for Free

Money, Quick Bugs Online for Free*

There are thousands of website which gives information about making money online and we have tried many of them but without any success. However our thirst to get successful is growing day by day either due to mounting financial needs or a passion to find the right way.

What if I say you cannot make money online for free?

Simple you will not believe me and will close and search "making money online free" or "How to make money online for free" and the cycle continues.

Is it possible to make money online without any investment?

Nothing comes free in this universe. So making money online for free is NOT possible.  Again the steps follows close and head to Google or Bing for finding a new website. I wish you all the best.

If you are continuing reading, then let's move on

Ok, I agree with what you say. You cannot make money online for free but explain more on this.

Sure, but please understand this is going to be long and don't expect to scroll down and read the conclusion and walk away with the "Hidden Secret of making money online".

Before continuing we should understand Investment. What is the investment you are talking about?

When Investment is mentioned most of the members think about a value associated with a currency. 

Investment what we are referring is a mix of Time, Effort and Money.

Time & Efforts

The time you take to read this article is an investment and the effort you put in for searching on topic and landing in Youth after many many website visits is the effort.

This is what we call it as an investment in making money online. Because if you have to succeed then you would need to invest time and put the time into it.


As we mentioned before nothing comes free. You would need to have a Internet connection which includes your broadband or mobile data and even your hardware includes Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone.

All the above is an important aspects and it requires investment. Also Investment is also needed in buying a domain or hosting a website. Designing a website or learning something new.

Hope you are convinced that you require investment to make money online for free.

Ok, I am ready with Investments which is Time, Effort and Money and what's next?

Super, Thanking for reading this article as many what's to find the easiest and fastest making money online for free. 

Good you people are different.

Let's Elaborate on Efforts, because this is your gateway for making money online with Investments.

Let's quote an example, if you want to go to North and what happens if you start walking south? This is exactly happens for 97% of people who wants to make money online and for people who wants to make money online for free in fastest and easiest way it would be 100%.

What you like doing? Or What are you Good at?

Now this a real challenge identifying it, if I would have known I would have already started doing it. I think this is what you would be saying by reading this question.

Pause, I appreciate it as this is quite logical. Read over please

What I like doing?

I expect this to be answered based on a thought process which is to make money online. So let me provide few examples

I like typing
I like doing research
I like to surf 
I like to play online games
I like to watch cinema or movie
I like to post meaningful messages in Facebook
I like exploring new apps

The list goes on....

Hope we are in sync with What I like doing. If not I suggest you drop an email or maybe read through this blog and the do a reverse mapping. Trust me it works like a puzzle.

Ok now that you have identified "What you Like doing for making money online" and imagine you are not able to make anything on what you like doing, then let's try to find out what are good at...Few examples

I am good at Typing
I am good at commenting
I am good at designing
I am good at social networking
I am good at searching
I am good at parenting
I am good at flirting

Ok, the list goes on and hence I stop here.

Next would be how much effort you want to putting for making money online.

As you have found the think you would like to do or what you are good at.

Efforts should be directed on what you like doing and what you are good at, so stop searching in Google on how to make money online but search for the topics which you like doing or what you are good at.

This is what we call as focused searching and this helps to get more results for the efforts you have putting

Let's take an example,

What I like Doing? I like exploring new apps
What I am good at? I am good at searching

So my efforts for the above would be to search for new apps or current happening in the apps world. My time and effort would be focused on what I like and what I am doing. This provides high quality information and insight on whether it's possible to make money online for free with this and also is people successful.

We suggest you to create a SIPOC for your thoughts process 
  • Source - Source of the Information
  • Input - Your Input to the source.
  • Process - What type of process or Change your are making
  • Output - What is the output you are creating with the input
  • Consumers - who are your Consumers


After your initial efforts you would have identified the topic or subject you like to do for making money online and in that process you would need to identify the websites, affiliate marketing, affiliate program, lead generation sites, etc.

The source should be the strongest and I always refer this as a foundations to your aim of making money online for free (with your invested time)

You should always build a reliable and multiple sources to make sure your funnel is never empty.

Input - What's is your Input

Input we are referring it as either you get inspired by it and supplement it or contradict / Challenge the source data or Information.


This is where you would add your creativity or uniqueness to differentiate from other players and crowd.

You would look at the source data and then apply you inputs which is then proceed as per your uniqueness.


The output would be your final product which will have buying from your Consumers. 


You should always have this understood and covered before your final the plan of making money online for free. Because if you don't have a consumer for your output then it would be a major failure.

The Time & Efforts you put in to identify the way you want to make money online for free should be capturing the SIPOC Information and if you are convinced then proceed.

Its universal truth that there is a standard lifecycle for everything and it's natural that you would need to run this activity for a natural period of time for you to making money online for free.

So, keep reading and we will share more information on this subject...