9Apps - Short word but Hot Keyword

Having Similar names does not mean the characteristic are same and also the features and usability. Using user’s ignorance should not be an excuse for coming up similar apps with similar names.

"9 Apps" so called apps is flooded in the play store or app market, why because that’s one of the hottest keyword and also the originality or the feature of the app is to download the apk file or any apps which can be later installed using side loading. This is not something new and it's get repeated when you do a google search for "9apps" you would get different website names starting with 9 apps and sometime you would be lost in the crowd and will not be able to get into the original website. 

Also, there is a problem which people are trying to take advantage of.  You would not be able to find the original 9 Apps in Google Play store and if you need one, you would need to head to http://www.9apps.com/ and then grab the APK file which can be side loaded later.

 9APPS Official apk download

Finishing note on 9Apps, don’t waste your time in Google Play, head to the website and install and get the latest 9Apps for free.