Baby heartbeat app – not worth taking the risk

I read an article "Mums-to-be warned of dangers of baby heartbeat smartphone apps" in The Australian and was looking at the Google Play Store for "baby heartbeat app". I was surprised to see the app list for baby heartbeat apps available. OMG I am also surprised to see how many people have installed these apps and if you look at the average rating for the first 5 apps it’s not more than 3, which means these baby heartbeat app are not that great and parents are not getting or hearing the heartbeat.

I completely agree with the excitement of hearing your babies’ heartbeat but using your smartphone which does emit radiation to some level on your baby or yourself does not justify the excitement. There are certain universal rules where unknowing certain aspects is the excitement.  Again, I am not here to advice parents of not using their smartphone to hear baby heartbeat but applying logical thinking before doing so.  Let me name few baby heartbeat app which you may install, however should not be used on pregnant women.

The search yielded the below “hear baby heartbeat apps” and the first on the list was 

#1 - Baby Heartbeat Listener - Baby heartbeat listener allows pregnant women and dads to listen to, record and share their unborn babies heartbeat through the abdomen. This application has a fun and non-medical purpose. It requires headphones and works like a stethoscope filtering and amplifying the sound from the microphone before the rebroadcast of the headphones. 

We looks at the user feedbacks and users had clearly written this app is not working. 

#2 - Baby Heartbeat Monitor - There’s nothing quite like hearing your child’s heartbeat fluttering for the first time, right? Baby Heartbeat is an app that allows mothers and fathers all over the world to record their baby’s heartbeat and share it with their loved ones.

Nothing great, app users have voiced out their dissatisfaction and from the users review we understand it does not work.

#3 - Fetal Doppler UnbornHeart - Share the joy of expecting a baby with your loved ones! The app can be used together with the fetal heart rate monitor sold by UnbornHeart.

It continues, there is no great feedback and it does not work

#4 - Fetal Doppler Baby Heartbeat - There's nothing quite like hearing your child's heartbeat for the first time! This baby heartbeat monitor app turns your phone into a mini stethoscope, allowing you to hear and record starting at the 20-24th week of pregnancy. Crisp HD graphics for all hi-res displays! The zodiac predictions are free; making fetal doppler heartbeat recordings can be unlocked in-app.

Hmm worst app as nothing works, hold on I am not saying it. This is what I understood from user reviews.


I am getting tired of people commenting that app are not working as expected.

To conclude, as I said in the beginning I would not suggest these type of app and always check with your doctor. My Observation on these apps are the description provided for all the apps will make us inclined to get the app installed and tested at least once, though the results are very disappointing.

Let your logical reasoning prevail when you try to checking out the baby heartbeat app