Budget 2017 - 2018 - ROADMAP & PRIORITIES

ROADMAP & PRIORITIES in Budget 2017 - 2018

Agenda for 2017-18 is : “Transform, Energise and Clean India” – TEC India

  • TEC India seeks to
    • Transform the quality of governance and quality of life  of our people;
    • Energise various sections of society, especially the youth and the vulnerable, and enable them to unleash their true potential; and
    • Clean the country from the evils of corruption, black money and non-transparent political funding

Ten distinct themes to foster this broad agenda:

  • Farmers : committed to double the income in 5 years;
  • Rural Population : providing employment & basic infrastructure;
  • Youth : energising them through education, skills and jobs;
  • The Poor and the Underprivileged : strengthening the systems of social security, health care and affordable housing;
  • Infrastructure:  for efficiency, productivity and quality of life;
  • Financial Sector : growth & stability by stronger institutions;
  • Digital Economy :  for speed, accountability and transparency;
  • Public Service : effective governance and efficient service delivery through people’s participation;
  • Prudent Fiscal Management: to ensure optimal deployment of resources and preserve fiscal stability;
  • Tax Administration: honouring the honest.