Cacao Live TV - Korean challenges with real-time live broadcast

Cover artPlanning to watch Korean TV Online, then checkout the Cacao Live TV.  This app is available in Play store and you can watch Korean challenges with real-time live broadcast.  As it’s in Korean language I am not able to make out the user comments, but the rating provided to this app is 1.2 out of 5. This make me to wonder is that a good app or a really bad live streaming app.

So, readers please translate or checkout with your friends from Korea before downloading and using it. The developer of Cacao Live TV has provide the below in the app description which has been translated by google and I don’t take any responsibility of incorrect interpretation. Cacao Live TV app is a mobile app-specific real-time live broadcast. tv with the live broadcast was provided in the pot games, music, entertainment, meokbang, beauty, such as watching a live broadcast of the popular PD, and may participate in the live chat. It presents the cookie to PD I like, and can be sent to applause and cheering as closely communicate with PD. Enjoy the excitement of a live real-time live broadcasting and at the same time dynamic interaction!

* Live Home
You can easily find live broadcast of the popular PD diverse and interesting.

* Broadcast Notification
Live TV app, as well as cacao, the channel of the PD Plus maeteumyeon friend can get the live broadcast starting at KakaoTalk notification.

* Real-time chat
PD and you can chat live with fans watching the live broadcast.

* Pop-up Play
Watch the live broadcast, you can freely work on other phones. ...

* Tv exciting live in newly born cacao TV Live app from the pot and enjoy the live broadcast!
  Kakao TV Live - 카카오 TV 라이브- screenshot thumbnail     Kakao TV Live - 카카오 TV 라이브- screenshot thumbnail     Kakao TV Live - 카카오 TV 라이브- screenshot thumbnail

Ok, now if you have made up your mind to try this app, download the Cacao Live TV app from here for free.