Drop Drop App - Water Conservation Starts at Home.

India would need similar apps very soon

Drop Drop an apps which tracks your water usage and provide a forecast water Bill. India is aggressively going towards a situation where drinking water would be charged by respective authorities as anything coming for free is not valued in my country.

I am disappointed by the efforts made by the State, Central Government and the efforts my fellow Citizens are doing for conserving Groundwater and to make sure water is used effectively.
So, if this continues the day is very near where the water would be measured and served with a cap and based on family dynamics. For users in Cape Town, the iCOMMS Development Team of University of Cape Town has developed this apps which help to track the water usage and also save your water Bill. The app developer has also provide great inputs in saving water and repairing techniques to fix water leakage in DIY model. So if you are planning to make genuine efforts to save Water, then check this App out.

The Drop Drop app developer has written a good write-up about the article and check out the details below.  South Africa is a water stressed country, and we all need to do our part in conserving this invaluable natural resource, so that we can continue to live harmoniously with our environment.
DROP DROP will show you how to do your part, by helping you save water at home.
Ultimately, this can result in a saving on your monthly water bill too!
By entering a reading from the municipality's external water meter (connected to your home), DROP DROP will calculate your projected water usage for the month and provide you with an estimate of your water bill. This information can then be used to optimise your water usage and DROP DROP has a few suggestions that can help you in doing just that.
  DROP DROP- screenshot thumbnail     DROP DROP- screenshot thumbnail     DROP DROP- screenshot thumbnail

DROP DROP will also make suggestions on additional water savings in your home, to further reduce water consumption and ultimately lower your water bill. You can also log reports that you make about water delivery services and get all the numbers and contact details you need to help do your part in water conservation. DROP DROP will also provide you with useful tips such as "How to Change a Washer on a Leaky Tap", "Test for Water Leaks" and "How to Save Money with Every Flush". Use the app's Knowledge Base section to access friendly, illustrated resources for learning about water in general and tips on the conservation of this natural resource intrinsically linked to our survival. 

Get the Drop Drop app installed and start saving water and also the water bill. Only for supported places.