Latest way to get 1000 visitors in a day?

Attract 1000 visitors in a day

Ok, you will get it read through. Now I want you people to checkout how magnet works?

Magnet for getting 1000 visitors?

Crazy, no when you want 1000 visitors you would need something to attract like magnet. You got that.

Now if you want 1000 visitors you would need 1000 magnet or a powerful magnet which attracts 1000 or more.

So first decided what you want to build A Powerful Magnet or 1000 Magnet?

I hope you would have done the research about this 1000 or more visitors... If not let me give you a short information.

If you have heard about a term called CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions)

Google Adsense pays in CPM. Cost per thousand impressions is one of the most preferred models opted by the publishers. The reason is that there is  action needed from the visitor to your site.

The  calculation is on the basis of Thousand Impressions. For example when you open a website and click on multiple webpages its consider as multiple impression.

Ok let's get back. Hope you have made up your mind interns of building what to attract 1000 and more visitors in a day.

So if you want to build 1000 magnet, then build 1000 post or article which should be viewed at least once everyday and also these 1000 post/article should come in 1-3 pages of Google or Bing when you search with the particular keyword.

Note, writing something fresh will appear in the first page of Google, however retaining the position is going to be challenging until and unless you keep it fresh.

Building a Powerful Magnet to attract 1000 and more visitors in a day?

This is a huge task and need lot of research. Example this post on an average attract 1.2k visitors per day. I have built 3k article or content before this page becoming the magnet.

So how do I build a magnet?

Put your thoughts and start writing about things which is currently Trending. Monitor the web, use Google Trends understanding the Trending topics, get in-depth knowledge and do research. Read, Understand and then copy to modify. Make sure there is no copywriting issue attached  to it.

Again a free Offer, you can link this page to your website to gain additional visitors.

Hope this article was of some use and start building the magnets...