Learn 50 languages - App for International Mother Language Day

Today February 21 every year is been celebrated as IMLD (International Mother Language Day) by UNESCO and today we are looking at a app called Learn 50 languages.  As the name of app goes you would be able to learn 50 languages through this app.  50 Language is a collection of regional and international languages. 

UNESCO celebrates IMLD under the theme of “Towards Sustainable Futures through Multilingual Education”. They believe it would help everyone to master their first language or mother tongue that the basic skills of reading, writing and numeracy are acquired. Also this helps Local languages, especially minority and indigenous, transmit cultures, values and traditional knowledge, thus playing an important role in promoting sustainable futures.

The developer has provided free online courses which help to learn a new language with fast in 100 lessons. So let’s look at what developers has said about their apps in app description, Learn 50 languages for free using your native language! 50languages.com contains 100 lessons that provide you with a basic vocabulary. With no prior knowledge, you will learn to fluently speak short sentences in real-world situations in no time. 

The 50languages method successfully combines audio and text for effective language learning. 50languages corresponds to the Common European Framework levels A1 and A2 and is therefore suitable for all types of schools and students. The audio files can also be effectively used as a supplement in language schools and language courses. Adults who have learned a language in school can refresh their knowledge using 50languages.
   Learn 50 languages- screenshot     Learn 50 languages- screenshot

50languages is available in over 50 languages and in approximately 3000 language combinations, e.g. German to English, English to Spanish, Spanish to Chinese etc. The 100 lessons help you to quickly learn and use a foreign language in various situations (e.g. in a hotel or restaurant, on a vacation, small talk, getting to know people, shopping, at the doctor, at the bank etc.). You can download the audio files from www.50languages.com to your mp3-player and listen to them anywhere - at a bus stop or a train station, in the car, and during a lunch break! To get the most out of 50languages, learn one lesson a day and regularly repeat what you have already learned in previous lessons.

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On the International Mother Language Day we wish all our readers happy learning of your Mother tongue or Mothers Language. So if you wish to learn 50 apps or at least couple of language then try installing Learn 50 languages, click to Install