QicDiagnoz - Do Health Tests Online (just the booking) in Hyderabad

Welcome back, QicDiagnoz have your heard this name anywhere if not don’t be surprised as I have heard it recently when a Youth Apps member wrote me about this app,   QicDiagnoz is an online platform to book your health test online presently available only in Hyderabad.

Again, I have not visited Hyderabad to test the app functionality but looks like QicDiagnoz-Health Tests Online has 100+ lab centers in and around Hyderabad. The apps uses the nearby option which is to check the lab centers near your location using GPS Coordinates.  Users concern would be about data security and QicDiagnoz claims they have a high standard security (we don’t know).

So read more about the QicDiagnoz app functionality, Search for medical laboratory diagnostic centers near you in Hyderabad and book your health test online while sitting in the comfort of your home! And with offers like never before get your lab tests done at very best prices.

With a wide network of 100+ diagnostic centers across Hyderabad, Qicdiagnoz ensures that you can find a place to get your medical checkups done at your convenience. Just search for a center near you using your Phone’s GPS! In a few short minutes, book the test you desire, at the center you desire, and at a time that suits your busy daily schedule. Don’t worry about expenses either, as we offer up to 30% off on these services. With the option to book home services, you can get your health check up done while at home.  You can never miss an appointment or a follow up with Qicdiagnoz, as the app will notify you about the same.

  QicDiagnoz-Health Tests Online- screenshot thumbnail     QicDiagnoz-Health Tests Online- screenshot thumbnail     QicDiagnoz-Health Tests Online- screenshot thumbnail

Though we pray the almighty that Youth Apps readers should be healthy and does not need to use these type of app, but if there is a requirement as a precaution then do click here to get the QicDiagnoz app.