Why always Top 10 apps? Why not 3,5 or 8,9.

Top 10 Android Apps in whichever Category.

"Top 10" seems to be the users searching for...Knowing Android apps and the way power hungry Android phones are why people need to checkout the Top 10 apps in any categories.

Every time you search for an app or an apps category, you get tons of search results and  Top 10 apps collection will be one of them in the searched category.

Does giving Top 10 apps makes any sense? I don't think so if my intention is to find the best apps then I would search for the best apps in the category. Agree there would different options in each and every apps, so I would suggest Youth Apps users to  checkout their requirements in search.

Top 10 app collection is good if you trying to find the competition and not with intention to download.  I think the popularity of the keyword "Top 10 apps collection" is more to do with the content writers as readers and not as a app installer.

What make the Top 10 apps collection so popular?

Normal search behaviour of a user is the primary reason for the "Top 10" keyword popularity and to be honest we do have the keyword and have created article for all the Top 10 apps in all the google play category, Find them here

So, I suggest its good to understand the trending apps and the top 10 apps but as a user you would need to search for the functionality which you are searching in an app