Can Jio be your Primary Number? Find out

Are you planning to get into Jio Prime? Are you planning to make Jio your Primary number?  Then read the write up and also check out the flow.

Everyday there is a new offer and new announcement by Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL and others. Also these plans have been compared with Jio Prime Offer.  From the Rate (or) Price point of view Jio seems to be the better deal, however we are forgetting the practical issues and we explain it for you.

First let me explain the practical challenges?

Imagine if you are on a non-jio connection and your phone breaks, what’s the logical way? Get a normal or a spare phone and swap the sim till you get a new phone.  However in Jio you cannot do that easily.

Option 1 – Consider having a spare 2G/3G Smartphone Android or iOS?

First you would need to have a smartphone an Android or an iOS Phone. Then the Smartphone should run Android 4.1 and above on an Android Phone or iOS 8.0 and above on iOS Phone to install Jio4G voice app to make and receive calls.

Option 2 – Buying a 4G Featured Phone?

Recently Micromax, Lava have launched 4G featured phone from 2K and as per the internet rumors Jio is also planning to launch Jio (or) LYF featured phone under 1.5K.  So if you can afford to buy a 4G smartphone, then you can use it as a spare.
Conclusion of using a spare phone for Jio, this would be challenging situation as many of them in India would have a normal phone as a spare phone and hence think twice. Also, if you face with this practical challenges, then you should be ready with either of the option.

Now let look at the Technology Challenges?

If you are using a NON-VOLTE phone, then you would need Jio4GVoice app installed on your smartphone to Make and RECEIVE Phone call and this is done using your data package (so if you are 1GB of data/per day, then if you make any calls the data incurred for making the call would be deducted from your 1GB bandwidth quota.

Also, if you are connecting to Internet using Wi-Fi apart from Jio Hotspot then you would not be able to RECEIVE or MAKE calls, as Jio4GVoice app would be Offline.  The caller would be presented with a “not reachable” message.

Ok, let me explain it’s in a simple way, just follow the flow diagram as you should be able to understand it better.

If you are still confused, then drop a note and will reply.

I conclude by saying that if you are not ready for an phone upgrade with a VOLTE Primary Phone and 2G/3G Smartphone or a 4G Featured phone, then Jio may not be the right options as your primary phone number.