#myAndroid Taste Test on an LG Device – All Options

#myAndroid Taste Test – All Options 
Test your Android... Taste your Android

We do the myAndroid Taste Test for you with all the full options provided by Google and also produce the output you see.  Google is giving us tons of ways to make Android your own, so Google wants you to try it here on HTML5 webpage.  You can answers the animated question and google recommend the apps which helps you to get your taste on your android. 

So, we have tested the Right & Left Options provided my Google and the videos display it all.  Also, there are few animated questions which provides multiple option and we captured as pictures as below. There is also something interested the phone which is used for myAndroid Taste Test has a brand name of “LG”, does that mean the next pixel or nexus would it be from “LG”?

There’s a home screen for everyone.

From the way it looks to the way it works, you can make Android your own. Start by taking the #myAndroid Taste Test. It’s a quick, fun way to find the right home screen for you.

#myAndroid Basics

Put your own personal touch on your phone with launchers, wallpapers, icons, and more.

#myAndroid Taste Test

There are tons of ways to make Android your own, but here’s a great place to start. Take a minute to answer these quick, fun questions, and we’ll find the right home screen for you.

#1 myAndroid Taste Test - Launcher
Craft your home screen just the way you want it. Only on Android. Customize your icons, UI and everything else, with the launcher of your choice.

#2 myAndroid Taste Test - Wallpaper
Treat yo self to a home screen makeover. You can change wallpapers for your home screen and your lock screen.

#3 myAndroid Taste Test - Icons
Icons are the pepperoni to your pizza. Icon packs change the way your app icons look on your phone.

#4 myAndroid Taste Test - Widgets
The quickest way to see the stuff you want to see. Widgets are useful displays you can add to your home screen.

#5 myAndroid Taste Test - Keyboard
Type fast. Emoji even faster. Use gestures for speed.

#7 myAndroid Truck
 We're taking the #myAndroid Truck for a spin to find the perfect home screen for everyone.
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