Order your Liquor and Store it on Cloud

Order Liquor now on your Smartphone and store it aswell

No it’s not Cloud 9, we are speaking about a new concepts which is emerging wherein you can order your favorite brand of liquor and consume the required quantity and what’s next? Read more.

You are at a bar… You are used to buying full bottle of Scotch whisky from Airport

How much does it cost to buy a Scotch whisky?How much does it cost to buy one small (30 ml) Scotch whisky?

Well, when you try to equate both the above values they are never the same. You pay a bomb when you take 3 or 4 small (30 ml) Whisky. We were over-marketing with Cloud based services all through the decade. Now for the first time, for the benefit of all the errrr Liquor Connoisseurs out there, there is services that allows you to buy a full bottle of your favorite drink and later on redeem it at different restaurants or hotel across the country.

The bottle of liquor bought will stand as a pre-paid instrument. Here is your chance to explore some of the top bars across the country with a pre-paid option to use liquor that you had saved in the cloud.. It benefits everyone… You (Individual) drinks often since these are prepaid instruments, the bar will be able to generate more revenue, and liquor industry grows leading to more employment. Ooooh hoooo… What an idea sir ji.. J

Check out the apps which help you to get your liquor online and also move to cloud.