Photo Lab Picture Editor FX App Review & Latest User Feedback and Comments

Photo Lab Picture Editor FX: frames, effects & art App has been released by VicMan LLC Photography. The app description in Google Play read as "Photo Lab boasts one of the vastest collections of stylish and funny photo effects: more than 500 effects to date! Fantastic face photo montages, photo frames, animated effects and photo filters are here for you to enjoy.  Make your image look creative in seconds without using a professional editor and set it as a contact icon, a wallpaper, send a signed virtual postcard to a friend or share it to any social network."

Photo Lab Picture Editor FX: frames, effects & art has been installed between 50,000,000 - 100,000,000 times by users at the time of this review and has an average rating of 4.5 in Google apps store.  Photo Lab Picture Editor FX: frames, effects & art app has been reviewed by 1061236 Users and 729694 users have rated 5 stars.  Photo Lab Picture Editor FX: frames, effects & art app size Varies with device and can be installed on any Android device running version Varies with device.

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Photo Lab Picture Editor FX User Review & Comments

C James June 16, 2017 
I just started using this app & that right now is some reason I did not give 5 ☆. I am a true beginner and have tried several diff apps but have only purchased the upgraded version on 1. She to my lack of knowledge I am looking for something easy to understand, I can learn from; therefore it needs to be easy to follow and achieve great results. I do not mind the ads though I will purchase if it delivers. The only thing I am having a problem with so far is the hints or help you can mark if wanted is not showing up. I may not be looking in right place but I would think it would be pretty easy to locate. Other than that I do like the app very much and hope to discover beautiful ways to display my photos

Awesome app Better than other apps With some issues Reduce the ads Bring new innovative and update it.. But at overall these things doesn't reduce the usage of app.... Good move with the app... Try to clear these things.. And I m sure this is better than the aps doing in pc.. Worth it....

Tess Wysko June 18, 2017 
This is simply the best program I have ever installed! I'm using this for my family and up coming wedding, but as a Music Journalist, Promoter, and PR Rep, I love it so much, I may buy the full program and start using it more comprehensively for my business too! Because honestly so many ads drive me batty...

Emma Watson June 18, 2017 
I liked it but can you just put the pro edits on the normal phoyolab beacase some peolpe are married and they like to give a edit of a memorial photo to their husband or anyone really and the pro edits are really nice Some of my kids are really into the pro edits they want to get the pro but I do not let them to pay. So please make the PHOTOLAB PRO free and il give it 5 stars and sponsor it

Laura Brown June 17, 2017 
Livin' it and lovin' it! And again. Rate this every year or when I reinstall after changing phone, etc. and never even crosses my mind to give it any less than the five stars it deserves. I guess I can't add anything more but to say after all this time, this is still in my top five favorite apps of all time, and I will not uninstall it, ever!

Zayn Zaz June 16, 2017 
Yeah, the app is damn good. I love it. But all photos in the phone is not showing in this app. And the ads are overloaded. So, make it better in next update.

Mena Frustaglio June 17, 2017 
Love the filters. Easy to use. Too many add pops sometimes the ads crash my phone also sometimes the app freezes and resets my phone. But over a nice app I will concider buying when I get my new phone!

sebastian prejush June 15, 2017 
App is good ,but all photos in the phone is not showing in this app. There is no option to select photos from file manager , so please make a option for this in next app update , please reply

Ganesh Jadhav June 16, 2017 
I m jus lovin it.. I can able to give a new look to all my old pics.. but the nly small issue I faced is pics are taking too much of time while selecting from gallery to edit... Otherwise I jus loved it

Chastidy Massey June 16, 2017 
Kept crashing every time I tried to use it after installing. Adds are agrevating. Awesome concept and beautiful picture edits to choose from if you can get it to work.

KayLee Gold June 15, 2017 
There are a lot of really great effects but with no ability to change the opacity this app falls way short of others out there, even one with far less effects. It would also be nice if there was a search feature because at it stands now it can be really difficult to navigate and find what you want.

Carmen Layman June 16, 2017 
This is an amazing app, lots of improvement have been made and always adding new filters! Love it. Would definitely recommended

App good but i wish you could center some pics manually to make them fit right frame wise! Other than that it cool app

Paula Williams June 17, 2017 
It's a little early, but so far so great. I'm really enjoying all I can do. I've installed an uninstalled so many of these kind of apps, but looks like this one is staying.

Govind Haridas June 17, 2017 
Effects are nice. But i cudnt find an option like in picsart to first select a pic and then trying all the effects 😟 Here i have to first select an effect and then choose the pic

This app is awesome. It will make any moment precious and memorable. But the adds irritate me

Abhi Abhishek June 15, 2017 
This is a great app, but it lags in showing the photos in my phone and its hard to select and choose a photo frm the phone, please fix this issue.....

VicMan LLC June 16, 2017
Dear Abhi, Please specify what happens when you apply the effect to your picture. Do you receive any error? We can help you only if you describe the problem.
matt luke June 16, 2017 
The app crashes every time even though I am using a Redmi note 3 .....but it looks pretty good.....would love to use me if you can.

Georgekutty Joyes June 18, 2017 
This app is good , but all photos in my is not supporting this app, I always get messages like can't upload image image ...

Pintu Shukla June 16, 2017 
Pro effect verry nice but not add best effect for free photo lab app thanks good job

Aashi V Das June 16, 2017 
good but not eazy to handle, over advertized, time delay, some time ads are irritating. the app itself was good

Haque Be June 16, 2017 
Too many annoying notifications in my notification drawer and no way way of stopping in settings. Uninstalled

Shinoj Joseph June 15, 2017 
The app is very lovely... therefore I liked it.BUT,IT doesn't have the option to adjust the capacity of anything neither picture nor the r the capacity or brightness etc

Leesa Marie June 17, 2017 
So amazing with all you can do and so easy to use! Love creating beautiful memories to share and surprise others with.

M Rezvani June 15, 2017 
Filters are grate but you need appropriate photo first!

Ana Torres June 14, 2017 
I loooovvveee thiiiiissss. Having so much fun editing old photos xD giving them some more character lol

I Think This is a Best Photo Editing in Ever In Playstore but The Ads Showing On Photo Editing Time That's​ Ok I Recommend Download The App Guys

I loved it cause it open my eyes to what I might want to paint editing my own photo

pragna bera June 17, 2017 
The effects are nice but I can't use this..whenever I take an effects there is some error of nothing changes..I am facing problems..error of parameters like signing data,, app id.. please help me..

Juz for fun June 17, 2017 
Its aWesome app no doubt about it. But please make it offline. Even if I have good internet connection it takes lot of time to put the effect into pics .

suraj bhajanka June 16, 2017 
Its an awesome image customization app.... All we need to just tap the presets and its done... Loved it

sruthy sunil June 15, 2017 
A very nice app for foto editing works !! :)

R Jewell June 16, 2017 
Some great effects with the right photo and fast. Give it a try, you'll love it!

aman sharik June 14, 2017 
This app was fantastic... We can make variety type of picture backgrounds And I hope that you will bring its higher quality versions

It's very good & easy to use its fantastic but Mines request is that Plz add some more celebrity's Plz.

abdul raheem June 14, 2017 
Great work by the team,This app simply awesome but loading pics from gallery is little bit slow.plz fix that with update

RB N June 15, 2017 
Nice app.. best photo effectz😍😍 but add showing iz probably disturbing

Swamidas K June 15, 2017 
I like this app so much. And it is user frently. And great work by the team photolab. And we can make somany veriety type of pictures. I love thiis app

Rohith John June 15, 2017 
Its beautiful app to edit photos

Shihab Shiya June 15, 2017 
I think it is a good app for photo editing