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Playbook for Developers - Tips to Grow a Business

Learn about the latest Android features, tips, best practices that will help you develop and launch your app, engage and grow your audience, and earn more revenue on Google Play. Choose interests to get curated posts and videos both from Google and across the industry. And explore the in-depth guide to Google's developer products. We're always looking to improve our products, including making them more accessible. Please email with any comments.

Jeremy Wick 27 March 2017 
Hi the I the thought the readings were very informational and helpful. Thanks for understanding and support. Now I can grow knowing I have help

Jason Spangler 6 April 2017 
I feel like this is a good tool to bring you up to speed while developing. Keeping it.

Dylan Sandve 22 March 2017 
Informative, intuitive, and important. A must-have for developers.

Inna Dostovalov 17 March 2017 
Can you add an anti malware setting too?

Sateesh Kumar Reddy 10 February 2017 
Excellent app for Android developers

Yuri Obnizov 27 February 2017 
Very cool and informative.

Nkateko Ngunyulu 23 May 2017 
Useful app to get Android developer news

Camron Watlington 27 April 2017 
Loved it's interface!

Peter Donoso 20 May 2017 
Broken, playbook won't load

RageGamerXD 29 January 2017 
Its very amazing

Ashutosh Panda 24 March 2017 
Good try.

Bhautik Makwana 10 May 2017 
Best Tech. App

Ravindra Sisodia 15 March 2017 
Best app for developers

It's cool 🐯🐯🐬🐯🐯🐬

mohamed salim 28 January 2017 
The best

Augustine Charly 22 January 2017 
Good for developers

Winston Zhao 19 April 2017 
Very useful for developers

WALT MILLER 9 April 2017 
Great app

Quang Nguyen 17 May 2017 
Nice app

Nuladin Sahiral 15 April 2017 
Great and good

jeeva 2530 14 April 2017 
I like upgrade mobile

meracle touch 28 May 2017 
Good app


GiArT Studio 24 February 2017 

Sukhadiya Hiren 22 March 2017 


Universal Hang 14 May 2017 

Xishz Xehman 2 May 2017 

aman dagiya 13 May 2017 

Rko ranjith 21 March 2017 
I like this app

Fb New account

Caleb Schoonmaker 9 March 2017 
Seems OK.🙂

Italia Meredith 4 March 2017 
it is to compucated for a yunger chiled

Jamall Witter 16 May 2017 

joNaid Islam 6 February 2017 
Developers Choice

ANDREW BUSHEE 4 March 2017 

Will Arnold Jones 6 March 2017 

Stephanie Orweller 3 January 2017 
Very confusing. I just want to create my own app game. This is not helpful at all!

Google Learn Apps 2 February 2017
This app is a way to learn about growing a successful app or game business. To learn how to build an app or game, check out the training resources on our website:
Héctor González 9 January 2017 
It's really good It has a lot of good articles and it is really easy to use.

deadninja 5555 8 December 2016 
Terrible. If you advertize make your own app, you should be able to create an app.