Interview with Sanket Ostwal, Founder Benefito & Earning Buddy

Discounts, Deals and Cashbacks… Your Benefito & Earning Buddy is here

It is tough to guess his age while on the phone especially when the person says he is looking at impacting 1 Million users. That's Sanket Ostwal, a 22-year-old BA Economics graduate from the University of Pune. 

At this young age, he has created applications helping the common people to earn money from every transaction he/she makes. Sanket got into the concept of Deals & Discounts when he was 17 years old. Being a fan on Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Vijay Shekhar Sharma (PayTM), Saken took his understanding of deals and discounts to the next level by launching Benefito and Earning Buddy apps. We got a chance to have a conversation with this young entrepreneur from Pune. Here is the excerpt for our readers:

Question: How did this start? This idea of building the mobile apps?

Sanket: I started this project last year. I used to help my friends with the latest Deals & Discount during my college days. I thought, why not create an App, to spread this happiness across India. I created Benefito and launched it in December 2016. There were 10K installations within 23 hours of Benefito Launch, and within a month we crossed 50,000 user base. We now have 2 Lakh customers.

Question. How do you see the future of your app?

Sanket: We are working on new features like Cash back which will go LIVE in a month’s time. This is going to be exciting for our customers who are going to earn money for all transactions that they do. I am also working on new ideas in this space. We will come up with an official announcement soon. 

Question. There are many apps in this space. How do you think Benefito or Earning Buddy will differentiate itself from others?

Sanket: Benefito is the only app which provides Deals, Discount, Cashback, Referral, Earn & Benefits. Most of the eCommerce apps are built-in into the Benefito app, and hence users don’t have to install different apps for their needs. Benefito’s in-app browsing will help the users to navigate to the respective apps and complete their transaction.

I am looking at reducing the cost of buying a product like a Mobile phone for a first-time buyer. This is possible only by providing them with Deals, Discounts, and Cashback equivalent to the price. We help our customers earn money by sharing our revenue with them.

Question. What is your advice to upcoming app developers or entrepreneurs?

Sanket: Mobile apps market has tremendous potential and is widely accepted across all age groups. If you know a gap in the market which an App can solve, then the impact created can be huge. With social channels available, the marketing cost is also low.

Question. What is your roadmap? How do you plan to expand your Global presence?

Sanket: We launched Earning Buddy this month. We are targeting 1million users, by the end of the 2017 and a cumulative Discount of Rs 1 Crore across our customers. We have no plans to go Global at the moment. We will enter new markets after our Market Research.
It is indeed a pleasure to feature Sanket Ostwal, Founder & CEO of Benefito in our new section “The Apple Moment.” Team Benefito, way to go. Our best wishes are with you.  

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