Ping Apps - Stay Safe. An excerpt from the meeting with Ping team

We saw a great Social Cause in the journey of Ping app. When we got chance to iteract with the team, it was important for us to understand the transformation journey that they had taken. We present our readers on our meeting with Ping App team.

YouthApps: Tell us about this idea.
Ping Team: After the horrifying attack in Paris (2015) I was thinking: how many lives might’ve been saved if we had a better way to warn each other? When there was an attack in Nice in 2016, people noticed the truck before the first life was lost but had no way to warn others that were about to be attacked. They were helpless as the horrific events of that day unfolded. We didn't want to wait for something like that to happen again, and we decided to create an app that makes it easy to alert others, to inform loved ones that you are fine or that you are in danger and to request help in case of emergency. We started working on Ping.

YouthApps: That's awesome. So what is the status of you idea at the moment and what are your plans?
Ping Team: We have released our first version of Android app. We have plans to release iOS and Web versions while improving and adding more features. Some of the features which we need to add next are navigation and business accounts. So far Ping has been installed by over 15k people, and we are working to get even more involved, from all areas of the planet, to establish sharing of relevant safety information, everywhere. Of course, the best ambassadors of the app are the users themselves and the more of their friends and family they invite, the better their network is and the safer they can feel.

YouthApps: What is your business model? How are you different from your competitors?
Ping Team: Ping is a free app for end users, and we want to keep it like that. Our competitors use the subscription or in app purchase models, while we plan to utilize ads to create revenue. This is possible because we are not focused just on safety alerts, but we will provide users with relevant information about their surroundings, irrespective of it being related to security or not. From best restaurants and hotels, great products to traffic information, Ping will have all such information. Such approach enables us to utilize advertisement model and also resolves infrequency issue many of our competitor apps are facing because they are only used when there is the need, while Ping can be used every day. Finally, unlike the competition, we use a live map where users can see events unfold before their eyes.

YouthApps: Who do you take inspiration from?
Ping Team: Everyone. Inspiration is everywhere around us, we just need to look and think.

YouthApps: We see excitement in your team. Looks like you are here to conquer the way people communicate and in the process ensure safety to them. So how do you dream Ping App to shape up in future?
Ping Team: We see Ping becoming a globally recognized brand and a synonym to communication, information, research, navigation, news, and safety. All-in-one solution which will provide a full spectrum of features to end users and businesses and enable them to interact with each other in an entirely new way. As the end user is uniquely identified with his current location, Ping will be a solution that will provide them with all relevant information for their position, from navigation or transportation information, local businesses or news, to information about safety, interests, locations or give them the possibility to interact with their friends, family or someone new. Similarly, for businesses, Ping will become a tool which would enable better interaction with customers, improved targeting using geo-behaviors and introducing geo-interactive and gamified advertising. We plan Ping to be available on mobile devices, wearables or VR/AR, in smart cars and houses (utilizing IoT / IoE) connecting all information surrounding us, to provide the most relevant and useful information in every moment, using relevancy-driven AI.

YouthApps: Our last question to you, something which we ask every successful entreprenuer. What is your advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?
Ping Team: Figure out what you want to do, and if there is something you can commit to yourself completely. Then never give up. No matter what someone says, just keep going. You CAN do it!

We all want products like Ping that can transform our life at no cost. It is interesting to note that the team is trying to build a World-Class product that will be useful for us every day. We wish the Team Ping all success as they take giant steps to cross their milestones.