In conversation with Qriyo - Tap & Find your tutor

Do you find it difficult to get the right tutor for you? Whether it's Yoga, music or science, a good teacher makes a lot of difference. If there is transparency in the process that's the icing on the cake. Introducing to all the readers of YouthApps - Qriyo, a home tuition app. We got a chance to interact with the founders of Qriyo - Mudit Jain and Rishabh Jain. Here is what they had to say,

How did this start? This idea of building the Qriyo app to find a tutor?

In 2015, Mudit Jain, Co-Founder of Qriyo, was planning to do a yoga course in Mumbai. He searched online to find a good yoga teacher. What the search gave him were dozens of phone numbers of these, some didn’t respond, some responses were not fruitful, many didn’t want to come over to his house and others wanted a hefty sum of money. 

He soon realised that the current market is filled with online listing portals or offline tuition agencies, both clearly not fulfilling student’s need. With an online marketplace finding the right tutor is very is lengthy process. You get 100s of profiles of possible matches, but you need to call them, haggle for pricing, time etc. Many a times they are not actively teaching or are tuition agents. Since online portals do not track transaction, authenticity of reviews is also questionable. On the other hand, local tuition agencies lack scale & technology. A single tuition agency cannot fulfil all your learning needs in all areas of city.

That’s how idea of Qriyo shaped. We wanted to build a platform which is reliable, trustworthy and without hassle. We provide only one perfect home tutor for any requirement, that too on fixed price. Since we track complete cycle of tuition all our reviews, ratings etc are authentic.
Qriyo is India’s first managed home tuition app. We provide comfort of a tuition agency and scale of an online portal. From discovery of tutor to delivery of tuitions, our app does everything and more.
What is your roadmap? How do you plan to expand your Global presence?

Qriyo is India’s first managed home tuition app. We provide comfort of a tuition agency and scale of an online portal. From discovery of tutor to delivery of tuitions, our app does everything and more. We are already category leaders in several India cities and aim to expand their footprint across India in next 2 years. We provide home tutors for academics, yoga, music, dance, art & crafts and languages via Qriyo App.  We are planning expansion in UAE, as it's a big market for one on one learning. We have an advantage as well, as both our investors are from the region. 

Qriyo, started from small city of Jodhpur, became first start up from Rajasthan to raise foreign investment at seed level. We quickly expanded their footprint in many cities and now operate in Jaipur, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Surat, Udaipur and Ajmer.

There are many new apps coming in this space, what are your differentiators?

There are several apps and website in our space. But we have a razor sharp focus on improving one on one learning. No distractions.  

The four key differentiators are:-
  • Discovery: Finding a single perfect tutor is very difficult amongst endless online profiles. Qriyo provides one perfect tutor for one requirement. Our matchmaking algorithm filter out 'The Perfect Tutor' for you.
  • Reliability: Reviews and ratings on online portals are seldom fake, since they cannot and do not track the transaction and delivery. With Qriyo all ratings and reviews are authentic as we tracks end to end home tuition delivery.
  • Trust: With features like replacement guarantee, Qriyo E-wallet both customers and tutors feel secure. We take the payment in advance and release only after classes are over, protecting the interest of tutors and customers.
  • Real Time performance review: With the test for every topic built inside Qriyo app, students can track their performance real time and tutors can improvise accordingly.
Most urban parents lack time and are looking for assisted buying experience. Qriyo provides them with only one perfect tutor profile, for one requirement. That too at fixed price.

Who do you take inspiration from?

We see companies like Uber and Airbnb. They became what they are because of their product and service quality. On the similar lines we try and insure highest standard of quality. On an average Qriyo selects only 10% tutors from those who apply.  A tutor has to pass through 3 stage filtration process i.e. app install & social media verification, subject and psychometric test, followed by Document verification. Once the tutor is on boards the system they are called Qriyo Guru. A perfect guru is selected using Qriyo’s match making algorithm. Matchmaking algorithm takes multiple factors into consideration, such as test score, past record, customer rating, punctuality etc.

How do you see the future of your app?

The current home tuition market is largely offline, driven by references or home tuition agencies. The online listing portals have again become flooded with agents and unprofessional tutors. Hence students are looking for better alternate. Also for tutors it is much more reliable platform. They do not have to pay per lead. They only have to pay once the tuition is confirmed. Hence we are getting a steep growth in app installs and bookings.

Your advice to upcoming entrepreneurs?

We would like to say, journey to success is never easy, if it is, that's not success.

What are the new features you are working on?

We are coming up with lot of new features in new release. We have integrated evaluation platform for all subjects and classes on our app. With that we are also providing prepaid Qriyo wallet facility with signup bonus for new users. The process of renewal, online payment etc. has been improved as well.

We entered the market with 2 long term goals: Improve one-on-one personalized learning space and Provide job opportunities to educated, talented youth of country. Through this initiative we are not only providing regular income to educated youth but supporting lot of artists, practitioners of Yoga, Dance, and Music by providing them with regular classes.

If you want to learn something we ask you to download the Qriyo app and if you wish to teach something download the Guru App. You can also refer someone if they are looking for home tutors or tuition opportunities via our apps.