Smart Polling and Infering, A meet with Infer App Team by YouthApps

When Rahul, Keshav, and Prashant were in college, they faced challenges during their annual competitions, college elections, teacher feedback programs, etc. There was always struggled to get a user-friendly service that is completely dedicated to feedback gathering and opinion sharing. They knew that it would be easy if they could rate, conduct polls, surveys using a smartphone which will, in turn, create insights leading to decision making. The young team decided to address this problem. Introducing Infer App, one of the best apps in social polling category on play store with 4.7 average rating.

YouthApps had a chat with this Dynamic team that created Infer App. Their problems are their inspiration to achieve more in life. Here is our conversation with them:

Question: Helping users through Surveys and Polls. Can you help us understand more about Infer App?
Answer: During our market research, we found that users were conducting polls on leading social media platforms users. They were done in one of poorest possible ways; it was like playing cricket with a baseball bat. How does one create out of multiple comments that come up on a social media site? We thought that there should be an app for Social polling. It's like, WhatsApp is for messaging, Skype for calling, Pinterest for pinning your interests feeds, Instagrams for photos and so on.
After a month of research, we started our dream project.
For a better understanding of what Infer app does I would like to give a simple example here - so you will get a better idea on Infer App.
For, e.g., My friend shares on Facebook about the movie that he is watching. He puts a cool selfie of all five friends on Facebook, Instagram and may share a dialogue from the movie on Twitter with trending hashtags. How about conducting a poll with our friends or community on "Which movie should I watch friends this weekend?", so we can make decisions effectively and easily.
There are tons of situations like this in our life where we need opinion and suggestions from our community and friends to decide. We wanted to make this whole process exciting and cool, so here we are with Infer, the Social polling app.

Question: Do you have plans for an iOS App?
Answer: We will be launching our iOS app very soon.

Question: How is the acceptance for the App?
Answer: We see downloads from  more that 15 countries at the moment. We are looking at increasing our customer base through focused marketing activities with support from our marketing mentors

Question: How different is Infer from others in the market?
Answer: Smooth performance, cool user interface, rich functionalities, integration with other social media platforms and good content are our differentiators.

Life is fun when we are free from doubts. Infer is the only an app your smartphone is away from being really smart. #keepInfering

Question: What is the impact that Infer App will create in a user? Which is also leading to the question on what do you see the future of Infer App as?
An average human being makes 20 million decisions during his/her life time by getting suggestions and Opinions from family, friends, partners, etc. Elections, college elections, movie ratings, places ratings, hotel ratings, services ratings, etc. are the key areas we are addressing and we see a great potential in the market.

Question: What is your advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?
Answer: Entrepreneurship is not flashy and luxurious as we all see on social media contents. It's all about working for your idea and its development by (24*7)*365 all time. And there is no app out there for living entrepreneurs life. You have to believe in yourself and your ideas. In short, Entrepreneurship is like jumping off the mountain cliff by your own and build your own parachute in the air and land safely and then start your own business of making the parachute. As the great Steve Jobs says do what you love or love what you do. "stay hungry, stay foolish." Have an adventurous Journey.

These young minds are here to transform the way we take decisions every day. We are glad to have met them, and we are sure you will be glad to download the Infer App. YouthApps wishes the Team Infer a great success. 

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