Instafreebie - YouthApps Interacts With This Energetic Team

Instafreebie, founded in 2014 with the mission of accelerating great stories and big ideas. A discovery platform for readers to find their books and instantly select them or view them through their favorite e-reading app. YouthApps had a quick interaction with the team and here is what they have to say:

YouthApps: How has the journey been so far?
Instafreebie: Instafreebie was founded in 2014 with the mission of accelerating great stories and big ideas. We believe the launch of our new Android app this month allows us to advance that mission with our authors and readers. We developed and created the app because readers and authors struggle with getting their ebooks onto a reader’s preferred reading app and device. Now, once readers discover books through Instafreebie, they can simply select them in the Instafreebie Library, and the books open in their preferred ereading app. We put the ebooks on your favorite ereader app, so all readers have to do is start reading!

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YouthApps: Congratulations on that! I am sure our readers are excited to know about your way forward. Can you give us more insight on that?
Instafreebie: One of the initiatives we're most excited about on our product roadmap is our plan to add new discovery features for readers to find new authors they’ll love. Getting found in a crowded space is critical for Instafreebie authors and we’re grateful that they trust us to introduce them to the right readers.  
Our newest and most exciting feature is a discoverability function so that readers can easily discover more authors and more ebooks through Instafreebie. We can’t wait for it to be released!
Last but not the least, we will continue to improve deliverability of ebooks for readers and authors, which includes expanding the app to other markets including Apple devices.

YouthApps: Great! Looks like you are not competing with eReader apps. So what is your objective?
Instafreebie: We don’t replace your favorite ereader app or device. We know readers already have their favorite places to read, so we make it easier for them to load Instafreebie content on those apps and devices and discover new ebooks from new authors.

More than anything, we want to see authors succeed. We’ve wanted this since 2014, and in three years of learning from authors, we’ve discovered the importance of working with authors to connect them to the right readers. Instafreebie is a community of engaged authors and avid readers connected through free ebook content.

Currently thousands of authors and counting use Instafreebie to share giveaways with readers. We are all readers here at Instafreebie, so we know that all readers have value. Instafreebie is the risk-free way for readers to discover their new favorite book and author they will love.

YouthApps: We have authors in our team and it is really exciting to understand the great benefits of Instafreebie. I am sure our readers are also excited about it. So whom do you take inspiration from?
Instafreebie: Our customers inspire us every day. Their voice is highly important to us and their feedback is incredibly valuable. We’ve learned we can count on our readers and authors to accelerate our work forward and encourage us to keep working hard for them.

YouthApps: This one is our favorite question and we ask this to all Start-up. What is your advice to upcoming entrepreneurs?
Instafreebie: Ask questions. It is true that you miss out on the opportunities you do not ask about. It is also true that a lot of insight can be missed if questions are not asked of your team and more importantly your customers.

YouthApps: I am sure a lot of our website visitors are avid readers. Any tip to them?
Instafreebie: A special tip for readers looking to connect with their favorite authors. Don’t be afraid to engage with authors you like! Authors want to hear what you have to say, even – especially – if you haven’t interacted with them before. Do you have an answer to a question the author asked? Respond to their email and tell them! Did the author send out a poll looking for information about readers? You’d really be helping the author by responding, and they’ll remember you fondly for it. Do you want to do something more for the author and are willing to put in a little effort? Leave a review of the book on Amazon or Goodreads. These are simple things you can do to connect with authors and have a big influence on their work!

Our best wishes to Instafreebie team. You guys are doing a great service and we look forward to more exciting features in your App.

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