Google Play - 5 Fitness Apps

5 Fitness Apps That Fit Into Your Daily Schedule

Why dread exercise when you can look forward to it? Whether you’re a workout warrior or just trying to shed a few kilos, these five apps will make your fitness routine the highlight of your day.

Seven - 7 Minute Workout Training Challenge

Why Google Play love this app
  • Great for beginners: seven minutes a day is all it takes, and the reward system keeps you motivated
  • Workout anywhere: your body, a wall, and a chair is all you’ll ever need
  • Unlock higher-intensity workouts to keep progressing toward your fitness goals

Who doesn't have seven minutes? This app is simple to use and easy to customise: choose your speed, rest duration, and even your instructor. The basic workout is all that's available when you start; unlock other workouts by paying to join the 7 Club, or more slowly by using the app.

Weight Loss, Running & Fitness Coach - Fitso

Why Google Play love this app
  • A holistic approach to fitness: features a calorie counter, diet planners, and fitness guides
  • Personalised, goal-based workout plans with daily exercise reminders
  • Learn new workout routines with the help of short videos and rep counters

Fitso helps you track calories, by reminding you to log meals and featuring calorie counts for many local dishes. It also helps you burn them: it tracks steps (and runs), and syncs with wearables. You can access a personal coach — through unlimited chats and a weekly call — with a paid subscription.

30 Day Fitness Challenge Workout - Lose Weight

Why Google Play love this app
  • This app requires daily dedication, with fresh workouts over 30 days to help you finish the challenge
  • Varied fitness challenges, each with three difficulty levels to satisfy fitness newbies and champs alike
  • Syncs with Google Fit to provide a fuller picture of your personal progress and wellness

Tailor this 30-day workout to fit your goals, choosing between challenges like full-body, abs, or legs. Video guides provide direction, with multiple languages available for the virtual "coach," and intensity increases gradually. You can buy the “pro” version of the app to get rid of ads.

Freeletics Bodyweight

Why Google Play love this app
  • A great home workout that uses your body as your only tool
  • High-quality tutorial videos for individual exercises that get you pumped for your workout
  • Rest periods in your routines help you pace yourself, while a built-in timer motivates you to keep moving

Don't overthink your workout — just give this app a few personal stats, and let it do the planning. The 5-30 minute sessions utilise your bodyweight as the only tool; no chair or wall required. Pay to subscribe to “The Coach” for a more personalised workout, plus a variety of training coaches for that extra push.

Runtastic Running & Fitness Tracker

Why Google Play love this app
  • Best overall experience for runners: helps you track and train, and enhances runs along the way
  • Turns your run into a game by providing "Story Runs" that make you the hero of your workout
  • Integrates with most popular wearable devices and syncs with your music library

We’ve seen the future of running apps and it is Runtastic. Gaming elements will keep beginners motivated, while serious runners will find everything they need to plan runs and track progress. All of this comes in the free version, while the paid version offers new courses, challenges, and stats.