Beta App: YouTube Go

Beta App: YouTube Go

Usually, programming experiences two phases of testing before it is viewed as completed and wrapped up for an official launch. The main stage, called alpha testing, is frequently performed just by people inside the organization who are building up the product. The second stage, called beta testing, includes a predetermined number of outer clients who are not part of the organization and are from everyday walks of life.

Beta Apps are a pre-arrival version of the official applications. Beta apps are for the most part genuinely close in look, feel and capacity giving a feel of a close copy of the official app. The beta version is released so that many users can try it out and tell the things the app can improve up on the changes necessary, and report bugs and problems with the version and when the real version of the app is released it ensures that it does not run into the problems which the user reported about the beta version previously.

Even the top engineering colleges in Karnataka, Gujarat and other parts of the India are offering courses on computer engineering and programming. This helps them become software developers, which is an essential skill required for students if they want to get in the field of programming. Students also search for top MBA colleges in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat and various other parts of the country. Degree in MBA can make them equipped with technicalities behind various business establishments and if the passion of students is not developing software but establish a business they can also check that out.

With the development of Operating System (OS) of the smartphones, the IOS, the windows and Android apps stores provided by them have come up with a lot of different types of applications. The play stores are full of various applications with various functions giving the Android, Windows and IOS users to choose from tons of them. Beta versions of some applications are available in these play store like YouTube Go. This app's beta version is available in Play Store and the Google has announced about the launch of this app. The YouTube Go is an app which can be used to save offline videos and users can choose the size and quality of the videos they want to save offline and it can also be shared with other nearby devices without any additional data requirements.

The app will broaden the opportunity for video sharing service on YouTube. Designed specifically keeping Indian users in mind, it will be helpful for areas with low connectivity and intended to work more effectively in those areas. Indian users can start testing the beta version as it is available but there is no word on the official launch of the full-fledged app and as India is the 2nd biggest smartphone market it seems like the perfect opportunity for a company like YouTube to make more options available for Indian Market. YouTube go it is the perfect app for offline viewing and sharing.

Article by Harshith Kulal