Book Review: Murderous Greed, by Arun K Nair

Book Review: Murderous Greed, by Arun K Nair

PLOT: 5/5





I love reading a crime novel. Indian market is filled with many romcom writers. Last five years have seen many budding writers trying their hands on Crime - Thrillers.

When I got the request to review the book "Murderous Greed," I knew that it was a debut author


The plot is pretty straightforward narrated complexly. But the author has put a lot of efforts to twist the story that will make you think until the end. Some contemporary events that we all would have come across are highlighted in the book. The plot runs through those events. There is lovemaking, and thankfully, the author did not try to force it into the story unnecessarily. The lovemaking made sense for a change. Frankly, a book that one shouldn't keep down until they complete it. When you watch a thriller movie, would you like to have multiple breaks?

Writing style: 

The writing style is pretty simple which I think goes well with many readers in India. As I write this review, I notice that the reviewers in Amazon have also mentioned about the writing style. I will not get deep into this.


The characters in the story are day-to-day characters who are pure: they watch horoscope on TV, like simple things in life like Biriyani, etc. The explanation of the characters is good and easy 
for us to relate.

Entertainment Quotient: 

I think the book has multiple moments where you will get goosebumps. The author has some surprises in store, and it's different from many books that I have read. At the end of each chapter, there is some twist left for you to think. It's entertaining.


The author should work on explaining the environment better. But, the climax was unpredictable till the last line of the book in the prologue.

Some new pointers I noted:

1. Money transactions (you guessed it black money!)
2. It looks like new authors prefer to talk about feminism. Interesting view on air hostess in the book. It is certainly a topic of debate
3. There is some advice here and there (like smoking, drink & drive, etc.), but the author has kept it subtle.

I am sure you will also come across many such exciting things in the book. The book is a good read. So I have given good ratings. You can buy the book by clicking the link here Murderous Greed