Latest Tips To Crack IIT JEE 2018 Exam

Tips To Crack IIT JEE 2018 Exam

According to the expert, you should be calm during your exam. Below are the some of the really helpful tips, which will help you in JEE Main 2018 Exam, so we advise you to go through all the tips one by one. 

Concentrate On Theory and Important Formulas –

When it comes to JEE Main exam, it is easy to be confused with the syllabus, so you should go through the JEE Main 2018 syllabus before starting your preparation? You should read at least a couple of hours daily. You have to memorize all the important formulas because in jee exam every year many questions can be solved with the help of some formulas.

Concentrate On The Topics That You Have Studied –

Once you go through the entire syllabus, it is common to go back and unearth topics that you haven’t studied (well). Experts say that doing so will cause you to panic because, obviously, you left those topics out because you found them difficult. The panic will make you lose focus and forget what you already studied well. So don’t look at the syllabus again and again.

Enough Revise –

A lot boils down to revision. You spent months together covering the entire syllabus and now, you must have enough time to go through everything you studied. You can’t revise the full syllabus in few days. We recommend you to buy JEE Main study material from the website, their material includes previous years papers and revision notes for PCM Subjects. have at least a few days in the bank just to revise. Again, remember that this time is only for you to revise what you already studied and not to start a new topic that you didn’t touch.

Solve Previous Year Question Papers -

Doing this will give you confidence. If you have studied well, you will be able to do well in these tests and that will make you feel better.

Do not have doubt – 

If you have any doubt just ask your teacher, because if you don’t know something important then you can lose the rank.

Eat Healthily –

To do good preparation, so you should eat healthy, because if you fall sick before the main exam, then you will lose everything.

Sleep Well –

A very good sleep is highly necessary for the preparation of an exam. You should sleep for 7 to 8 hours daily. Every year many students give this exam but only a few are able to crack this exam. Although it is not so hard exam, if you will prepare well then you can easily crack this exam. All you need to crack this exam is good preparation and good study material. You can get high-quality study material from the website 

Over Read –

Before the exam, some students start reading 15 to 16 hours, which is really bad. Before the exam, you should keep yourself calm so that your mind can take decision easily. According to us, you should avoid reading any extra material, before the exam. Because it will degrade your faith.

Keep Confidence –

No matter how much hard work you did and how much time you read in a day, the most important thing is having the self-confidence to crack the exam. Every year, we see that many students do well before the exam, but during the exam, they lose their confidence and hence they lose their rank. So if you are weak in a chapter or subject, just forget about it, because all you need is 30+ marks in each subject.

Role Of Books –

Books a vital role in the preparation of the JEE exam, every coaching institute prefer to read the theory from the NCERT Books. Because many questions come directly from the NCERT Books. After going through all the theory, you can read some extra books for solving numerical problems. But keep in mind that focus on one book, don’t run for many books.

We wish you all the best for IIT JEE 2018 exam.

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