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 Mobile has been an integral part of kids though we try to avoid them.  One way or the other kids get hold of the mobile and start exploring new thinks eithers its YouTube Videos or WhatsApp Videos, kids see them all.  The recent trends which is also getting implemented in schools are teacher communicating with kid’s parents in WhatsApp where they discuss about what portion/topics which has been completed and the homework, etc. So, we need to accept kids use our mobile phones.

Kids’ Education are not limited to text book nowadays, its more interactive and highly competitive and hence parents also need to change the way how kids has been thought.  Let’s looks at BYJU mobile app, looking at the advertisement of BYJU learning app we go crazy and bet parents would have download once to explore what’s in there. The recent launch of Google Home Assistant a AI based speaker even helps kids to do the homework.

All the above are taking the education and learning of kids to a new level which we need to match and to match the new kids learning method we would need to explore different kids learning apps, where it matches.  Here is a list of the best learning apps for kids to help them learn more in a great and fun filled way and makes kids learning outside of the classroom.  Youth Apps listed out all the latest trending kids’ education app, kids learning mobile app which has been used by mom's and teachers and have good features.  Our list of new free kid’s educational app is best to keep children mentally active and also support the studies carried out in Classroom and this process make the 360 cycle where kids learning is continues.

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Kids’ Education & Learning Apps Collection
Latest Kids Education & Learning Apps Description
Fun phonics & alphabet tracing game for toddlers, preschool & kindergarten kids!
400+ Kids Spellings to learn with pictures.
All-in-one app for kids! Letters, numbers, shapes, colors, days, months and more
Children learn names and spellings of things they see using pictures and sounds
Hindi Kids App is a way of learning Hindi for kids or first time learners.
Kids can learn names of 100+ animals,birds, reptiles, insects, water animals.
Learning flashcards game for kids and toddlers. Easy to learn the numbers 0-100!
Educational app to learn the colors, read letters of alphabets and numbers
Maths all in one.
“Kids learn about Fruits and Vegetables” - teach children through play!
Educational kids games for Kindergarten and Preschool children - Tablet & Phone
8 amazing spelling activities and games inside + interactive ABC song
Best Kids app with Picture Quiz, Kids Quiz, Picture Learning & Math App for Kids
The best kids learning Game to learn colors, shapes, letters & numbers with Fun.
Best video app for kids
English Kids App is a way of learning English for kids or first time learners.
Learning English for children, totally, fun and 100% free.
Enjoy 1000+ Songs, Games, Stories, Nursery Rhymes For Kids, Babies & Toddlers.
English for Kids is English language learning games for kids
Perfect for kids to help them learn times tables. Learn math by playing
:::::Where Learning Begins:::::
Children can easily memorize this educational contents due to images.
Learn English for Kids is an application for kids to learn basic English words
Learning games activities for kindergarten and preschool children.
A fascinating educational game for toddlers to learn colours in many languages.
*** N°1 among Kids Math Games in the world ***
Learn to read and write English spelling for preschool kids and toddlers.
Alphabet for Kids - Learning and identification of English letters, alphabets
Fun entertaining and learning game for little kids to learn numbers and animals!
Kids learn to read by practicing phonics through seeing and hearing CVC words.
Kids Complete Learning at one place.Contains all the information for your kids.
🍎 This game teaches kids handwriting using the same fun methods used in schools
Learn all the human body parts names along with animation in this kids game
Kids educational app for preschoolers to learn English alphabet & numbers
Teaches young children over 500 common English words
This adorable computer teaches children names and recognition of various objects
English Spelling Practice Game for Kids, Toddler, Children to learn words !
Learn the Animal Sounds with this fun and educational game!
Learning and Writing Alphabet, Numbers, Color,Animal, Math, Kids Song in English
Learning Phonics for Kids is a simple and exciting learning game for children.
FREE - 10,000+ Videos - Kids Safe - COPPA Compliant - Bob The Train and KidsTv
educational game for baby, alphabet song, learn ABC, writing worksheets for kids
Free Number Spelling game for Children, Toddlers and kids. Enjoy 10 Sub games
Talking Vegetable Name app for kids.
Educational app for Kids to Learn reading clock/time, weekdays and Month names.
12 educational games for kids: alphabet, memory, logic, puzzle, paint...
“Cars for Kids” is a free learning game for children between the ages of 1 and 4
Bring out the budding artist in your child!
Educational game for preschoolers: logic, match, counting, animals and memory!

Now that you have list of latest trending kid learning app and newly launched kids’ education app, you can handover your phones to your kids and trust your kids that they would learn and get benefited out of all these apps. Still want to explore more check out these links

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