Jio Voice Assistant - My Jio App - A Great beginning in customer help, support

My Jio Voice Assistant – Full Details

Recently your My Jio would have been updated and everyone is looking at what has changed and what’s been added.  Jio has introduced Jio Voice Assistance in My Jio app where you can get help using Jio Voice Assistance.  So, lets understand how Jio voice assistant work and how it goes along with Google assistant.

Let’s look at the look and feel changes of My Jio apps and along how Jio Voice assistant has been incorporated into the my Jio app along with its different options

You would have observed there would be a mike icon and a new Jio floating icon which would have been added to My Jio app and this is the trigger to start the Jio Voice assistant.

Once you click on the “mike” icon or the floating “Jio” button, you would be greeted with a “how can I help you” voice message (based on the timing, set the volume level”) and with few options which you can choose from

To show that Jio Voice assistance is listening to your voice input, there would be wave displayed at the lower part of the screen which move based on you voice modulation.  If you don’t want to speak to it, its fine as it would provide you with “more” predefined options will get you a full list of help items

Jio Voice assistant app have text input search features through keypad.  As of now, Jio Voice assistant is available in English and Hindi

Jio Voice assistant features Day Mode and Night Mode operations and it can be swapped by click on the “sun” icon on top of the screen

In our initial testing Jio Voice assistant performed really well, however to get this effectively working you would need to be connected to good internet network and for Jio specific question you would need to be on the Jio network for answers.  I think Jio competitor needs to take a note of this and get their mobile apps updated with voice assistant, bots and AI for better customer experience and sustainability