Smart-Phone World


A world without smartphones is unimaginable today. A smartphone is a handheld device; it packs the capability of a computer with mobile operating system. In 1999 the first mobile phone was introduced by a Japanese firm NTT DoCoMo. The widespread use of mobile phones began in the year 2000 and by 2010 over a billion people smartphones were in the market. possible. Graduate and Post Graduate degrees in Electrical and Electronics along with Computer Science will take an Individual closer to the world of gadgets and its making, there are numerous engineering colleges in India, which offers quality, practical oriented education. Every Information from Result of NEET Entrance exam and what not, everything is available at the luxury of our fingertips.
When the first touch phone came to market, it transformed the electronic marketplace. Touch screen phones looked like something out of this world when it came into reality and for over a decade we have been held with the identical design and insignificant variations lone in screen size and resolutions until alternative revolutionary idea came, Infinity display on a smartphone, to be precise smartphones with 18:9 screen ratio ruled this year’s market, all these impossible without engineers. It’s the vision of vibrant engineering minds which made all the technological advancements you can also check the Entrance Card for JEE Main online as well

The most popular and best phones with 18:9 display dominant in India is
·        OnePlus 5T
·        Google Pixel 2XL
·        iPhone X
·        Samsung Galaxy Note 8
·        HTC U11 Plus
·        Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8+
·        LG G6
·        LG V30
·        Xiaomi Mi Mix 2
·        Oppo F5/ Oppo F5 Youth
·        Vivo V7+ and Vivo V7
·        LG Q6-series
·        Huawei Honor 9i and Honor 7X
·        Micromax Canvas Infinity

Making the phone doesn’t do the job alone, marketing it to the world with right tactics completes the cycle. It’s the strategy of business experts which make the smartphone a success. A master’s degree in business administration be it a full time or Distance MBA College in India or around the world doesn’t necessarily makes the job easier. It’s the dedication and thorough knowledge in the specific field, along with right methodology does the task. Keeping apart all the business and engineering aspects of it. The real question is why we need a phone with 18:9 display, what does its offer apart from the visual aspects.

  • Watching videos on an 18:9 display is more enticing. Besides lot of video contents are exclusively shot with 18:9 ratios and streaming sites like Netflix already stream for wider ratios.
  • A phone with 5-inch display in the 16:9 ratios is larger than a phone with 5inch display with 18:9 ratios, this, in turn, make the latter phone better for one-handed use, reducing the phones size without compromising the display size, well that’s handy!
  • An 18:9 can fit more on the screen which makes web browsing way easier than before and making split screen multi-tasking more practical.

Technology is an ever-fascinating genre, all the tech giants have a handful of tricks up their sleeves for the future markets and they are going to surprise is even more with some mind-boggling techs. In the future we can see a feasible and market-oriented flexible screens, complete implementation of hologram technologies and common LG has even come up with the concept of drone phones and there you go now u don’t even have to worry about breaking your phones screen by dropping them, your phones could literally fly in the future!

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