It’s Summer Vacation – What should I do with my Kids?

Productive (only if parents are involved) Summer Vacation Task 

Wondering what to do with the kids this summer?  The classical answer would be to keep away from the mobile phone and TV, allow them to play outside.  However, consider the temperature outside, parents hesitate to send their kids.

So, what the alternative for this problem?  We decided to do some googling and below are the results as part of our googling for the summary vacation problem.  As a parent it’s important for us to sit with the kids and engage them in any activity. Its very easy to send them to any classes in the vacation and expect them to learn something and be happy.  

Be rest assured sending the kids to any class would not yield you the desired results, however if you play along or work along with them then the results would be multi fold better.  Youth Apps provide you with the collection of website where you can order or subscribe for the task which you as parent can do along with your kids.   Below collection does not have any order nor we have rated them, this is for your information and feel free to check out individually and make a wise decision.

  • Avishkaar Box is an EdTech startup working on an ecosystem to create engaging educational experiences that spark imagination and fosters innovation among young minds!. True to our meaning, we have created a platform that inspires children to innovate. This platform has the power to continuously grow along with its user and give him/her super powers to continually innovate and inspire - right from a basic robot to an energy efficient system or a spy alarm to driving management system.

    At Avishkaar Box, our goal is to make products that make Learning Meaningful, Joyful and Insanely Addictive. We truly believe that creating is always more fulfilling and enjoyable than consuming. And we continue to empower our users to just do that!

  • CocoMoco Kids makes award winning innovative maps and games for kids in the age group of 2-12 years. These are ideal birthday gifts and perfect return gifts for kids, and amazing as party and activity games for kids!

    These innovative gifts for kids are great as birthday gifts and birthday presents, party favours or return gifts for kids birthday parties, and activity games for kids for girls and boys both. These fit well into many birthday party themes like Around the World Birthday or Fun with Science Birthday or an Art Attack Birthday.

    If you’re a school looking for learning games for kids  and new ways of teaching your kids geography, English, maths or science – get in touch with us. You can select from our catalogue or we can create something specifically for your needs

  • Pioneers of Augmented Reality activities for children and designers of the most unique, cool and world-class S.T.E.M. learning based educational D.I.Y. Toys for children between 3 to 14 years of age, Smartivity Labs is driven by the mission to make learning "smarter" for children.

    Smartivity designs toys, engagement activities and playful learning tools that serve as the bridge between the physical and the digital worlds for children. From S.T.E.M. learning based Educational D.I.Y. Toys to Augmented Reality enabled activities to Robotics to Internet of Things, every Smartivity product is designed to thrill, delight and impart fundamental learning to your child. 

  • Crafty Chimp is a creator, manufacturer, and distributor of creativity kits for people of all ages. Crafty Chimp goal is to place high quality toys that teach and entertain into the hands of children and adults.

    Our mission is to consistently deliver products with an uncompromising commitment to quality, safety, service and value – all while remaining true to the original goal of inspiring kids to use their imagination and be creative.

    We manufacture a wide variety of creative Craft kits, STEAM Toys and Mini Kits. Our unique range of Mini Kits act as kids' loving return gifts.

  • Magic Crate is a subscription service for 1.5-15 year olds wherein theme-based activity kits are mailed to your doorstep every month. Each month’s crate is based on a fresh new theme (e.g., Water, Wind, Rainforest, Mad Science) and contains all material for 2 Science activities, 1 art activity and a game. The crates are setup to be do-it-yourself activities and come disassembled for the child to assemble & play along with the parent or grandparents. Magic Crate can be subscribed to for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months.

    Magic Crate has been designed based on the principle of integrative education: different branches of knowledge and skills have been taken into account in design of activities and allow the child to gain different experiences and skills from various branches of knowledge.

  • Xplorabox was founded out of passion to create hands on activities for the kids which encourages them to explore, create and have fun in a constructive way. Our education and learning strategies have specially been designed to instill creative and constructive thoughts in kids, as well as enhance the sensitivity towards their environment.

    Xplorabox was built to change the definition of "fun" for children in this age of digital revolution because as a parent it is disheartening to see the digital devices luring our young kids by storm. Creative, unbridled play with numerous activities, impromptu picnics, board-games have been replaced by numerous mobile games in this digital era where unfortunately, kids are more savvy with mobile phones than their parents.

  • Flintobox is an award-winning and age-appropriate subscription box for children, delivered to your doorstep every month! Each box is loaded with play-based activities for kids that promote early child development in a fun and explorative way. With a new theme every month, this research-based box is crafted by montessori experts and child psychologists, and caters to the 12 developmental areas of a child.

    Receive fun and creative activity ideas and worksheets on your smartphone that you can use to engage your kids while travelling, at home, or just anytime and anywhere!