Get a personal touch to your property search

A Knowledge Article on Property Search

It is a tradition in India for the parents to discuss buying a home as soon as you earn your salary. The search for the property will usually start from the neighborhood. We then end up searching for next happening place in the city, so that our investments grow multifold.  While the search is tedious, YouthApps would like to share top 5 apps (in alphabetical order) for your property hunt:

1. 99 acres
2. Common Floor
3. Housing
4. Magicbricks
5. No Broker

Most of the above apps are listing sites. A user downloads the app, searches for the property of their choice, filters them based on their need and contacts the seller. The procedure is same when it comes to the Commercial property, plots, and villas.

Personal Service

While all the apps listed above provide additional attention to the sellers, none of them give that extra edge to a buyer. For eg, The apps come with a paid model wherein the seller can list their property in the premium segment, and it will come up on the top during the search. Additional services provided for the sellers include property photograph, property verification, buyer verification and documentation service for their clients.

Here comes Spini for you in case you wish to be pampered with additional services at zero cost. Once you post your requirements in, their consultant will contact you to understand the requirements. 

On understanding the full requirements, Spini will match your requirement to the sellers who fits your need.  They will then connect you to the right property developer.  You can do the same in case you are looking for an interior designer or a bank loan. So from now on, instead of you calling up multiple sellers, contact Spini @