Top Localization/ Translation Companies in India

Top Translation/Localization Companies in India

If you are looking at translating small content, many mobile apps can perform it. Some of the top language translation apps are:
  • Google Translate: It can translate between 103 languages. Just copy the translated text and past it in the application where you would like the content to go. Even when there is no internet, Google translate is capable of handling 59 languages. 
  • Bing Translator: This is from Microsoft. You will be able to input through keyword, voice and camera. It also automatically recognizes the input and language and does the necessary translation work.
  • Jibiggo: This is a speech translator.It has a voice recognition system that will take the input voice and send out translated content in the form of voice
  • iTranslate: It is one of the most creative translator app. Content input is through the microphone button and in case the system fails to recognize the content, you will be able to edit the specific word by selecting it. You will also be able to share the translated content to email, Facebook, Twitter and Social media sites.
  • Voice Translate Pro: This app supports only 10 languages. The voice recognition system is capable of recognizing even the most complex phrase.

But, if you are looking at translating documents, application or machine translation is not the right way to go for. I have worked with many translation and localization companies. I was primarily dealing with languages like Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian and Arabic. While selecting a company, I went through a rigorous process of understanding if the company has certified team, competitive pricing and document quality for the sample work.

Important factors to be considered are:

1. Experience in the industry
2. Size of the company
3. Process followed
4. Sector or domain handled
5. Client references
6. Proximity or availability
Our company landed on hundreds of websites that claimed to do translation services. We reached out to at least fifty of them to understand their capability.

Here is what we think of these companies:

1. Lion Bridge
2. Transperfect
3. Bigwords

All the above companies have a global presence and have worked with leading firms in the world. I got chance to work with nearly fifteen companies whose employee count could range from 2 to 5000. The fact is that my experience did not change with some of the best companies just because they did not have low employee count, in fact, I got better attention while working with smaller translation companies. 

About the Author
  • The author has worked with leading IT services companies where he was part of engagements in which translation services were required during the development cycle.