World Cup 2018 - Day 8 Google Doodle

Google Doodle - Football World Cup 2018 Day 8 - FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia

World Cup 2018 - Day 8

The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia is underway! Over the next month, players from the men's national teams of 32 countries will compete for top rank across 12 venues in 11 cities around the country. With a total of 64 matches (and plenty of GOOOALS!), the games will culminate at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow on July 15. 

This year's Doodle series celebrates the rich cultures and talent of all 32 participating countries by featuring guest artists hailing from each nation! Tune in to catch all 32 Doodles throughout the games, each illustrating the artist's interpretation of "What ⚽ looks like in my country."

Today's Featured Artists
Argentina – Gaston Pacheco

Q: What does ⚽ mean in your country?
A: Football is the most popular sport in our country and the one that people are most passionate about. There're plenty of rituals around it, traditions, and even cábalas. It brings lots of expectations and excitement to the air and it's also a way to bring people together

Australia – Helen Lz

Croatia – Vedran Klemens

Q: What do you hope people take away from your Doodle?
A: I wish it cheers them up to see the summer beauty of Croatia and to be reminded of the captivating joy of the game.

Denmark – Rune Fisker

Q: What do you hope people take away from your Doodle? 
A: The joy and extiment that we Danes feel for football (and our bikes!).

France – Helene Leroux

Q: What does ⚽ mean in your country? 
A: For the majority in France, football is something we have in our heart since childhood (whether it's through fuss-ball, collecting cards of players, playing together in the mud even if it's raining, video games, TV etc). It's an opportunity for people to gather to either play or cheer for their team. Football in France will always echo to the worldcup victory of 1998 and the color blue! Allez les bleus!!

Peru – Andrea Galecio

Q: What does ⚽ mean in your country? 
A: Joy with passion. Maximum emotion. A united nation.